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Ionic Mineral Technologies develops battery tech to improve EV charging times 8-fold and mileage 10-fold

See Ionic and learn about Ionisil at The Battery Show Europe 2023 Ionic Booth Number 8-G56 Stuttgart, Germany

The promise of an EV battery that would give longer range and faster charging times has been elusive. Just around the corner many claim. The future of EV batteries has actually arrived by way of Utah-based Ionic Mineral Technologies. Drivers getting testy at charging stations will be a thing of the past and fear of running out of juice in the middle of nowhere will no longer be an issue.

Ionic MT’s nano-silicon can replace graphite in EV batteries, improving charging speeds 8-fold and capacity 10-fold. That means more driving and less charging time as well as longer range for EVs. The company’s mission is to be the world’s leading producer of drop-in nano-silicon anode powders for the next generation of advanced lithium-silicon batteries.

The key to success is Ionisil ™, a proprietary halloysite-derived nano-silicon, which delivers considerable, unique advantages to lithium-ion battery makers.

Halloysite nano-silicon can replace graphite (or work in tandem with it), generating far greater performance by reducing the swelling, cracking and deterioration of traditional batteries. Halloysite-derived nano-silicon is also already commercially viable, and the nano-silicon feedstock material derived from halloysite is a small fraction of the cost of the traditional silane gas-derived nano-silicon feedstock material. Finally, halloysite is plentiful in the United States, with millions of tons available (and growing) at the Ionic MT site. Ionic has commissioned its nano-silicon pilot plant facility to produce Halloysite derived nano-silicon today and has large-scale production in construction, slated for 2nd half 2023.

The Ionic MT Advantage – As the controller and operator of one of the world’s largest deposits of high-purity halloysite clay nanotubes, the ideal nano-silicon feedstock, Ionic MT has a critical advantage toward powering the future of EVs.

Part of the Clean Energy Transition – Not only will its nano-silicon be used to power the clean, electrified future, it will also be produced with the most sustainable process for manufacturing nano-silicon. The company’s process employs green chemistry and engineering principles leading to much lower energy usage and carbon emissions.

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Sat. April 13th, 2024

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