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Allegro MicroSystems Introduces New Industry First Isolated Gate Driver IC to Enable Leading Power Conversion Density

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (“Allegro”) (Nasdaq: ALGM), a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy efficient systems, today announced the launch of its new Power-Thru isolated gate driver (AHV85110). The first product introduced in the company’s Power-Thru portfolio; Allegro’s new isolated gate driver creates a single-package solution that drives GaN FETs with up to a 50% smaller footprint and a 40% efficiency improvement compared to competitor offerings.
The global clean-energy movement requires power system designers in automotive and industrial markets to generate, store and use energy more efficiently. Wide-bandgap silicon-carbide (SiC) and gallium-nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) offer clear efficiency benefits at the system level but often come with integration challenges.
A traditional gate driver implementation requires both an isolated gate driver and a separate isolated power supply. When assembled, connections between the driver, power source and FET can add unwanted noise and create pathways of electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can degrade performance. Mitigating these effects can create design complexity, adding time and cost to a project schedule as well as size and weight to a solution.
Allegro’s patent protected, highly differentiated Power-Thru gate driver (AHV85110) gives engineers and designers access to new and efficient high-power isolated gate driving technologies that provide multiple system level benefits. The new gate driver is innovative and unique, combining traditionally separate components—the isolated gate driver and the isolated power supply—into a single, compact,robust package. A perfect example of “less is more,” Allegro’s platform minimizes EMI pathways and simplifies integration, resulting in faster time to market, efficiency gains, and production cost savings.
“Our engineering team leveraged technology from our acquisition of Heyday Integrated Circuits to rapidly develop the first device in our new Power-Thru portfolio to help designers achieve their efficiency and power density goals in clean energy and e-Mobility systems,” said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President and General Manager for High-Voltage Power at Allegro MicroSystems. “This new series of patented, industry-first solutions enables engineers to build smaller, more-efficient systems while reducing time to market and maximizing return on investment.”
Compared to other solutions, Allegro’s differentiated Power-Thru technology enables engineers to:
•       Provide more power, more efficiently, using 50% of the design footprint (PCB savings).
•       Reduced bill of materials (BOM) count and production cost.
•       Eliminate bootstrap circuits and isolated supplies while minimizing common-mode capacitance, which reduces EMI filter design efforts and improves overall efficiency.
•       Provide a reliable, scalable design process across platforms by eliminating the need to fully redesign a power module when working with multiple GaN FET suppliers.

To learn more about the AHV85110 Power-Thru gate driver, visit

About Allegro MicroSystems
Allegro MicroSystems is a leading global designer, developer, fabless manufacturer and marketer of sensor integrated circuits (“ICs”) and application-specific analog power ICs enabling emerging technologies in the automotive and industrial markets. Allegro’s diverse product portfolio provides efficient and reliable solutions for the electrification of vehicles, automotive ADAS safety features, industry automation and power saving technologies for data centers and green energy applications. For more information please visit

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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