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Cars Worth Noting – 2004 Cadillac SRX

2004 Cadillac SRX

It seemed so appropriate, a red SRX delivering all seven of us through the snow to Grandfather’s house on Christmas day. And while our all-wheel-drive car-based luxury crossover wasn’t designed to go over the river and through the woods, we were all safely nestled snug in our seats, especially the two that opted to squeeze into the optional flip-up third row seat.

My wife and I were listening to Christmas carols on the XM radio while the other five had their eyes glued to the flip up video screen, quiet as mice except for the occasional groan as someone in video land wiped out on their skateboard. Cadillac has arrived.

The company, known for making big luxury trucks, has finally made a competitive crossover. The SRX is built up on the CTS sedan platform and benefits from the long wheelbase and low center of gravity, producing a very smooth and confident ride.

The cabin is pin-drop quiet and the appointments are definitely Cadillac, a refinement and plushness that sets it apart from the Japanese and Teutonic competitors.

The SRX wears the edgy Cadillac styling well. The look is not only distinctively Cadillac but distinctively American as well. Our SRX was powered by a 260 hp 3.6L V- 6 with VVT. This powerplant, like others in the GM family keeps quiet until you wake it with your right foot. The V-6 was plenty adequate to haul seven adults and a few gifts. I can only image how the optional 320 hp V-8 would rocket this caddy along.

The SRX eliminates any excuses that good patriotic American’s have for turning Japanese, except for the price. Our $48,975 SRX put it well above Acura MDX and Lexus RX330 range — right up in BMW X5 territory.

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