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VW sees suppliers as partners

Partnership was the theme at the annual Volkswagen supplier awards.

Partnership was the theme at the annual Volkswagen supplier awards. Speaking at the award, Francisco J. Garcia Sanz, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, said: ?Partnership is a key element of our long-term strategy. In these turbulent times, the Volkswagen Group Award recognises successful cooperation. We can be proud of our joint achievements, such as those we have accomplished under the ForMotion project. The future will, however, present us with ever-greater challenges and we must be prepared to face them.?

VW?s ?partnership based process cost optimization? (PPO) project had generated 2,500 ideas with a volume totalling one billion Euro. ?The PPO project is an expression of the partnership based approach we want to pursue with our suppliers,? says Sanz.

The Group Award is presented in five categories: excellence in development, product quality, logistics, entrepreneurial performance and environmental awareness. The excellence in development category reflects innovative capabilities, equipment, project competence, method competence and the quality of cooperation. Product quality encompasses quality capabilities referred to class A auditing parameters for the production process as well as quality performance with regard to series-production supplies. In the logistics category, attention focuses on compliance with delivery deadlines and quantities, flexible deliveries and communication behaviour. Exceptional entrepreneurial performance is measured by flexibility with respect to new series and innovation capabilities in terms of cost optimization and process improvements. The award for environmental awareness is based on the submission of life cycle assessments in accordance with the Volkswagen standard, the availability of an effective environmental management system and vehicle-related environmental innovation competence.

Winners of the Volkswagen Group Award 2005
Excellence in development
IEE International Electronics & Engineering S.A., Findel
Grammer AG, Amberg / D
DGS Druckguss Systeme AG, St. Gallen / D
Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart / D
Rehau AG + Co., Feuchtwangen / D
Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, Hallstadt / D
Polytec Interior GmbH, Geretsried / D
Nedschroef Altena GmbH, Altena / D
Rautenbach-Guss Wernigerode GmbH, Wernigerode / D
Schedl Automotive System Service N.V., Br?/ B
Product quality
AFL Czech, Stribo / CZ
Johnson Controls Automotive N.V., Geel / B
MB Abrera S.A., St. Esteve Sesrovires / E
K Automotive Control Systems GmbH, Wustrow / D
Dynamit Nobel Iberica S.A., St. Andreu Barca / E
Environmental awareness
ZF Lenksysteme GmbH, Schw䢩sch GmD
Entrepreneurial performance
Siemens VDO Automotive AG, Regensburg + Wg / D
Lear Corporation GmbH & Co. KG, Besigheim / D
Johnson Matthey, Br/ B
Geiger technik GmbH, Garmisch-Partenkirchen / D
Rioglass Int. S.A., Mieres / E
AFT Automatisierungs- und Fartechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Schopfheim / D
Etxe-tar, S.A., Elgoibar / E
InPro electric GmbH, Wolfsburg / D
MEDIACOM Agentur fiaberatung GmbH; Dorf / D