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Georgia Tech and NanoInk Announce Exclusive License for Thermal Nanolithography System

NanoInk, Inc., an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life science and semiconductor industries, has entered into an exclusive license from Georgia Tech Research Corporation for the thermal control of deposition of ink in NanoInk’s NSCRIPTOR(TM) Dip Pen

Nanolithography(R) (DPN(R)) System.

The NSCRIPTOR DPN System is a fully integrated hardware and software system optimized for the DPN process of writing stable nanoscale patterns of molecular “ink” onto a sample substrate via a coated stylus tip. The technology and covered by the exclusive agreement involves a heating process which strengthens the core DPN technology.

“I am pleased that NanoInk has licensed Thermal DPN. While NanoInk is already the leading provider in scanning probe tools for nano-manufacturing, the ability to deliver a highly local heat source for nanometer-scale manufacturing significantly enhances NanoInk’s technology portfolio,” said William P. King, Georgia Institute of Technology.

“The license will make Thermal DPN available world-wide in a highly regarded commercial platform, giving the country an immediate benefit from the Navy’s investment in our nanoscience research,” added Paul E.
Sheehan and Lloyd J. Whitman, Inventors of the Thermal DPN Technology, Naval Research Laboratory.

“The incorporation of thermal DPN technology into NanoInk’s NSCRIPTOR nanolithography platform and research is an opportunity we very much wanted to explore,” said Dr. Cedric Loiret-Bernal, Chief Executive Officer, NanoInk. “Potential applications include brand protection of high-value items such as integrated circuits, aircraft and automotive parts, and defense electronics, as well as other markets with high-value items ranging from jewelry to medical devices.”

NanoInk, Inc. is an emerging growth technology company specializing in nanometer-scale manufacturing and applications development for the life science and semiconductor industries. With DPN, a patented and proprietary nanofabrication technology that allows for unmatched flexibility and accuracy, and also its high-resolution Nanoencryption technology, NanoInk is able to offer its pharmaceutical customers innovative solutions to fight counterfeiting and illegal diversion of blockbuster pharmaceutical products. Other key applications include nanoscale additive repair and nanoscale rapid prototyping. Located in the new Illinois Science + Technology Park, north of Chicago, NanoInk currently has over 100 issued or pending patents and patent applications filed worldwide and has licensing agreements with Northwestern University, Stanford University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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Wed. August 5th, 2020

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