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Advanced electronic braking systems including the integration of Ford’s Roll Stability Control

TRW is supplying the new Ford Edge with advanced electronic braking systems including the integration of Ford’s Roll Stability Control (RSC). The system is being supplied from TRW’s Kelsey-Hayes Company subsidiary.

TRW has worked in close collaboration with Ford Motor Company to supply Roll Stability Control systems on 100 percent of the new Edge models for the 2007 Model Year. Ford’s RSC is based on electronic stability control, anti- lock braking and traction control systems and adds an additional gravitational sensor that directly measures when a vehicle is beginning to tip.

The Ford-developed RSC system uses TRW’s advanced high flow technology within the electro-hydraulic control unit (EHCU), thus helping to eliminate the need for a costly vehicle brake fluid pre-charge device. A similar system integration by Ford and TRW is also featured on the Ford Econoline van.

“Active safety systems are increasingly being recognized for their ability to assist drivers in avoiding accidents and thus in helping to save lives and mitigate injuries,” said Josef Pickenhahn, vice president, Brake Engineering at TRW Automotive. “This is particularly important in higher center of gravity vehicles where skidding and sliding events have been identified as precursors to many rollover accidents, and this is just the kind of scenario where roll stability control can be helpful to the driver.”

TRW will also be supplying the full brake actuation system for the Edge based on its “Girvac II” style actuation system, which set the standard for brake booster design and now offers even greater performance, lighter weight and improved packaging. The latest generation also features a high-flow master cylinder that enhances stability control performance at low temperatures.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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