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Compuware Covisint Helps Drive Auto Industry and e-Commerce Standards for Growing China Market

Compuware Covisint Selected to Join Team of Experts for Automotive Supplier Gap Analysis and to Deliver Technology Training in China

The six-week Gap Analysis Pilot Program, which is designed to help China-based auto suppliers improve operations, will begin in mid-November 2006.

The gap analysis, initiated by AIAG, is designed to improve Sino-U.S. automotive industry communication and to facilitate cooperation between the Chongqing and U.S. automotive communities. AIAG recruited a team of experts to conduct site assessments to determine areas for improvement, and Compuware Covisint was chosen to lead in the area of B2B electronic commerce.

Covisint will work with a team of experts tasked with the evaluation of Chinese suppliers to improve operations across four key performance areas: quality, management, manufacturing and materials management. AIAG is providing EDI training to help Chinese automotive companies improve communications and strengthen supply chain management processes.

“Compuware Covisint excels at bringing together disparate entities to collaborate in a powerful way,” said Bob Paul, President and COO of Compuware Covisint. “We are thrilled to be selected as a core member of the expert team that will help to improve operations in the Chinese automotive industry.”

Covisint will conduct site assessments for Chongqing-area suppliers. The expert team will determine the gap between what auto parts enterprises are capable of delivering and the needs of international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The AIAG — as a globally-recognized, independent organization — will oversee the program to ensure that the needs of all participants are understood.

“With the forecasted growth of the Chinese auto industry, it is imperative that the supply chain there communicate quickly and efficiently and address any gaps in their processes in order to be globally competitive,” said Dr. Yilong Chen, AIAG General Director of Asia-Pacific Affairs and Chief Representative in China. “AIAG is committed to helping the Chinese automotive supply-chain reduce rework, error and scrap by offering many of the same training courses and technical documents/publications that it has provided to its North American membership.”

Covisint enables companies of any size, location or technical sophistication to securely share vital business information, applications and processes across their trading partner network. As a leading provider of interoperability solutions and services, Covisint helps businesses accelerate decision-making, reduce cost and improve responsiveness in serving customers.

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