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Automotive Industries spoke to Antti Niinivaara, CEO & President of the Ecocat Group
A comprehensive view and understanding of air purity solutions

With the world’s eyes on environmental concerns, particularly when it comes to the purity of the air that we breathe, technology has to step up to the plate to find environmental solutions. This is where the Ecocat Group is rising to the challenge.

The Ecocat Group has a comprehensive view and understanding of air purity solutions. This has enabled the ongoing enhancement of Ecocat’s technologies in numerous countries within which the company operates.
The Finland based Ecocat Group manufactures catalyst solutions that help vehicles achieve better emission limits.

This ties in with Ecocat’s mission, which is o clean the World’s air with its Values of responsibility, networking, market intimacy and success, Ecocat’s Vision is to be an advanced ecological company with close proximity to its customers.

Ecocat has successfully utilized technical advantages of metallic substrates and launched new revolutionary product ranges such as EcoCat, EcoXcell and POC. These products are an improvement on conventional channel substrates. They ensure more efficient pressure drops and mass transfer rates.

Ecocat’s technology can be used on gasoline powered vehicles as well as diesel and natural gas engines. With Euro emission limits becoming more stringent, Ecocat feels that its products offer optimum automotive solutions. The company says that with their metallic catalyst technology it is possible to combine high engine performance, excellent drivability, low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission values, all simultaneously. The channel geometry provides good catalyst light-off combined with a high surface area, low back pressure and extremely high mechanical durability.

The Group has also developed Particulate Oxidation Catalyst, otherwise known as POC, which is designed to reach high soot removal rates, typically two to four times higher that with normal diesel oxidation catalysts. In the case that the POC substrate is saturated with soot and it is not regenerated, exhaust gas can still flow through the structure and it is not blocked. Clear global strategies, resourceful and committed staff and well-organised operations add value to all Ecocat stakeholders.

Automotive Industries spoke to Antti Niinivaara, CEO & President of the Ecocat Group, and Keijo Torkkell, General Manager of the Ecocat Group.

AI: What are some of the breakthroughs Ecocat Group has achieved in the development and manufacture of high-performance catalysts and advanced emission controls?

Niinivaara: Ecocat has developed a special mixer type catalyst for urea hydrolysis in SCR, and a partial filtration unit POC for LD and HD diesels.

AI: What are some of the breakthrough technologies we can expect from the Ecocat Group over the next couple of years?

Torkkell: Ecocat is focusing very much on the diesel exhaust after treatment. There are many global concerns regarding greenhouse effects. In this line, we are looking for opportunities which these concerns can provide for the catalyst business.

AI: Please tell us a little bit about Ecocat’s global market business and how you plan to increase your market share.

Niinivaara: Our market share in metallic substrate business is sufficient. We will increase this market share by choosing selected core businesses with demanding technologies that Ecocat already today have and can provide. As we have done and will be doing we’ll provide the best logistical infrastructure to our clientele with latest know-how in emission technology.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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