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At the Transport Logistic 2007 RCA-Affiliate Car Rail Logistics Presented a Worldwide Unique Wagon Concept and a New Prototype of Wagon for Enclosed Car Transport

Within just 18 months CRL Car Rail Logistics GmbH developed a new, worldwide unique wagon concept for car transport on two enclosed loading levels. The RCA affiliate thereby responds to the continuously increasing demands of the car manufacturers and to the requests for well-engineered, enclosed wagons for car transportation. The wagon concept fulfils the number one demand of the industry: transport protection against vandalism or theft and environmental protection by elimination of the cars’ protective layer. The prototype of the new wagon generation (Hccrrss) was built in co-operation with WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH.

Railways in the fast lane

With this innovation Rail Cargo Austria strengthens its position as a preferred logistic partner of the automotive industry. With access to the all-European railway system, complete logistic solutions, customized services and high-quality transport equipment it gains a crucial competitive advantage for its customers. Rail Cargo Austria transports over one million new cars per year and thereby meets the highest demands.

Security by protected technologies

The newly developed Hccrrss is capable of transporting any vehicle type from low-set sports cars to classical limousines to minivans or sports utility vehicles (SUVs) with an actual loading length of 27 meters on two levels. The loading length is reached by two short-hitched wagons. A new cover for the wagon junction is used, which offers protection against dirt and theft. For the wagon’s interior a height-adjustable tire-fixing system has been developed. Both innovations are protected technologies and create substantially more security for the sensitive cargo.

Versatility and ease of use have priority

When developing the new wagon, particular attention was paid to keeping the maintenance costs during the whole life span as low as possible, furthermore to maximum loading capacity, ease of use as well as mobility and good lighting of the interior of the wagon. The roof can be moved and opened and provides for full overhead clearance in the loading position and therefore allows comfortable loading and unloading. The upper loading level and the elevating roof can be adjusted individually according to various loading situations and transport needs. The special design of the ramp slopes enables the transport of vehicles with very low ground clearance. An electronic operating concept allows the control of these functions from a central wagon position.

Innate power and transfer of knowledge

With this innovative development CRL GmbH increases its branch-specific innate powers in the area of closed car transport. The company is a dependable partner with knowledge of railways, maintenance, procedures and service in connection with RCA AG’s know-how and competence. Car Rail Logistics has all relevant competences in the closed car transport industry, from specific market knowledge and market demands to detailed technical knowledge.

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