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EuroMold World Fair Set for Success

Automotive Industries spoke to Eberhard Doering, Managing Director of DEMAT, which organizes EuroMold.

This year’s EuroMold World Fair for Mold Making and Tooling, Design and Application Development, is expected to attract 61,000 visitors from 85 countries as well as 1700 exhibitors from 45 countries. The show will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from December 5th to the 8th. EuroMold 2006 saw a growth of nearly 3.2 per cent in the number of exhibitors, according to the organizers.

Last year’s main product exhibit was mold making, tooling, modeling and prototyping. This year, EuroMold’s focus will include its core domains of mold making, tooling, design and engineering, as well as simulation, virtual reality and materials. For the first time, there will be a complete installation of an automated mold center which will produce molds during the fair with no human intervention.

“EuroMold offers its visitors exhibitors of the automotive industry all along the process chain of product development from design to prototyping to series production,” says Eberhard Doering, Managing Director of DEMAT, which organizes EuroMold.

According to Doering, the reason for the large international presence at EuroMold is increasing globalization. “In this global competition, communication and cooperation platforms are more needed than ever.”
EuroMold’s 2007 theme is: ‘From Design to Prototyping to Series Production’, which highlights the importance of innovation and interconnectedness. Regardless of the area of activity, economic success decisively depends on innovative capacity and creative development.

“EuroMold as a world fair reacts to market developments, economic tendencies, innovative trends and new topics – this is the secret of its success, its increasing visitor and exhibitor numbers as well as its increasing internationality,” adds Doering.

Automotive Industries (AI) caught up with Doering, and asked him what would be new at EuroMold 2007.
Doering: A lot of novelties will emerge with EuroMold 2007. For example, a Mold and Die Center which shows a complete production process along the process chain with exalted automated tools and machines. Another highlight will be “careers4engineers” – this career platform is a chance for the engineer to get an all-embracing overview of all the different possibilities and alternatives of the career and employment market.
A special highlight will be the awarding of the Material Efficiency Prize of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology at the Forum Materials at EuroMold. At the India Forum entitled “Benchmark, sourcing strategies and firsthand reports”, representatives of the trade association from India (TAGMA) will be responsive to the market structure and market development.

AI: This year the first AsiaMold will be held in China – why the need for a separate exhibition in Asia?
Doering: Innovation should be brought to China. China’s interest in development is growing more and more – it is much more production oriented. European exhibitors look for new cooperation, and the Chinese market is a perfect place for socializing.

AI: Won’t AsiaMold and EuroMold clash? Or do you expect exhibitors to showcase their products in both fairs?
Doering: EuroMold and AsiaMold won’t clash at all. At EuroMold, the market is Europe and therefore trade visitors are more interested in European technology and European exhibitors than in foreign exhibitors from overseas. Of course there will be some differences in the level of technology.

AI: Will AsiaMold be an annual event?
Doering: Yes, that is the plan.

AI: Do you expect a smaller Asian presence now in EuroMold 2007 because of AsiaMold?
Doering: Not at this year’s Asiamold, but eventually in the coming years. Usually the home brand is not affected much – it can even increase the number

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