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Turkish auto part exports had been following an increasing trend since 2003, approximately by 20-30%

Automotive Industries spoke to Ms Ceyda Erem, president of CNR & ITF Group of companies, which is organizing OTOMOTIV 2007

This November will see the 13th International Automotive Supply Industry, Components, Accessories and Service Equipment Exhibition being held at Istanbul. Called OTOMOTIV, the fair will showcase the latest systems and technologies and provide a platform for buyers. This year’s exhibition is expected to be more popular than last year’s edition which had 533 exhibitors and nearly 50,000 visitors.

“In aiming to surpass this success, OTOMOTIV 2007 shall be steering the sector’s trade potential by continuing to be the only organization that brings together a wide participation of the industry in order to provide exhibitors the highest level of trade opportunities in a manner that exceeds expectations. Decision-making authorities of participating firms will be on hand at the fair that international main manufacturers consider crucial whereas it shall contribute greatly to an increase in the sector’s foreign trade” say the show’s organizers. OTOMOTIV 2007 is being organized by the CNR & ITF Group of Companies.

OTOMOTIV 2007 hopes to cash in on Turkey’s growing reputation as an automotive hub. The country is the European Union’s largest bus and coach manufacturer and its third largest light commercial vehicle and truck manufacturer. Turkey manufactures 1.2 million vehicles annually. The Turkish government and industry have targeted to manufacture 2 million vehicles by 2015 and become the world’s tenth largest and the EU’s third largest vehicle manufacturer by then. Another goal Turkey is working on is to be listed amongst the top five EU countries for research and development.

Some of the reasons why Turkey is emerging as an important automotive hub include the fact there is room for growth locally, the country is in sync with EU and Customs Union legislation. Plus Turkey offers flexible production at competitive costs compared to other EU countries. The country boasts of competitive subcontractor industry and enjoys high quality standards in production. There is a large pool of young, highly-trained and qualified workers in Turkey. The country’s industry largely conforms to international management systems as far as quality, environment and security goes.

Turkey is also witnessing a rapid rise in domestic demand as its economy grows. There are growing opportunities both locally as well as for export markets in neighboring and global markets. OTOMOTIV 2007 hopes to cash in on all these factors and showcase Turkey’s growing importance in the automotive world.

The profile of exhibitors to OTOMOTIV 2007 includes automotive manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, marketing companies, freight and transport companies. Garage and service station executives and engineers. The kind of products on display at this years fair will include electrical equipment and electronics, mechanics and chassis equipment, engine equipment and spare parts, bodywork equipment and car interiors, various components and accessories. Plus there will be garage tools and services, automobile lifts

repairing and tuning-up systems and equipment, car washing equipment, testing and measurement devices, hand tools, painting drying chambers, metallurgy, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Automotive Industries spoke to Ms Ceyda Erem, president of CNR & ITF Group of companies, which is organizing OTOMOTIV 2007

AI: What is new in this year’s OTOMOTIV exhibition?

At the same time with Otomotiv 2007, Ticari Araclar 2007 (Commercial Vehicles) is being held. This will create a synergy between both fairs.

AI: Is the profile of exhibitors different from previous years shows? If so, how?

There is no difference in the profile of exhibitors from Otomotiv 2006. In Otomotiv 2007 we have a higher participation from the garage and service stations and participation from additional countries.

OTOMOTIV 2007 will welcome leader companies that will be organized by the international agencies such as MADE IN GERMANY-Germany, Shanghai International Advertising & Exhibitions Co.-China, Universal Trade Exhibitions-India, BLI Thailand Co.-Thailand and Korea, WES Worldwide Expo Services-Taiwan. This year, the exhibition will host 150 foreign exhibitors. The exhibitor countries of OTOMOTIV 2007 include Germany, Italy, Austria, France, the UK, Iran, Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, China, Poland, UAE and the Netherlands. In the OTOMOTIV Exhibition that will host more than 500 local companies, Mutlu AkÃ, Koneks, Ak-Say, Mopisan, Aktaay Group, Royal Servis Ekip, Bilsa, Pobusan, Olimpia Oto Cam, OMF and Eltesan are among the local exhibitors.

AI: What kind of response do you expect this year in terms of number of visitors?

Otomotiv 2006 had 45,280 domestic visitors and 4,020 international visitors. We expect the number of domestic visitors to increase to 50,000 and the number of international visitors to increase to 5,000 in line with the growth of the Turkish Automotive Sector¦

AI: How have the OTOMOTIV fairs helped Turkey’s automotive industry? Please give us examples?

Together with the rise of Otomotiv fairs, Turkey’s exports reached Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Russian Federation, Romania Slovenia and the Netherlands markets. Auto part exports had been following an increasing trend since 2003, approximately by 20-30% per annum.

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