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EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA: Most Certainly “THE” B-to-B Meeting for the Automotive Profession in Algeria

This 3rd EQUIP AUTO in the Algerian capital brought together more than 4,800 professional visitors.

EQUIP AUTO Algeria, which took place from 31 March to 3 April at the SAFEX Exhibition Center in Algiers, this year saw its visitor numbers grow both numerically (+ 3%) and in quality. Questioned at the close of the show, a good number of the 174 exhibitors, international leaders in automotive and truck equipment along with the major Algerian importers of parts and garage equipment, declared themselves satisfied with the contacts and volume of business generated by the show.

A more detailed analysis of the 4,826 visitors highlights principally Algerian (4.5% foreign) visitor numbers and from Algiers (57% of them came from the “wilayas” of Algiers, that is to say, regions near the capital; 38% from the remainder of the country). In terms of profession, they are mainly from the world of distribution (48.6% of them) and that of repair (39.6%).

This third show also saw the rise in importance, on the different stands, of “industrial vehicle” equipment.

An “event” show

The 2008 EQUIP AUTO Algeria also proved to be event driven in many respects. For the first time since its creation, Abdelhamid TEMMAR, the Minister for Industry and Investment Promotion, visited the show, expressing his interest for an event that is a true reflection of a sector on its way to becoming much more professional and much in demand of quality diagnostic devices, tooling and parts.

Another key meeting and highlight of the event was the “The Algerian automotive aftermarket: keys to success” conference.

This conference proved to be very innovative in many respects.

Its objective: answer, through the personal accounts of local professionals, the following question: how can Algeria optimize the growth of its automotive aftermarket sector, a controlled growth, regulated, creator of value and employment, guarantor of the safety of people and goods?

Its form: for the first time repair technicians, bodyworkers, importers expressed their major concerns in front of a camera. Filmed in the scope of their day-to-day activities, they spoke on subjects such as the fight against counterfeiting, their desire for quality repairs, leading brand parts… These very concrete accounts then served as a basis for the conference, which brought together a number of Algerian speakers from the ministries of Commerce, Professional Training, Transport alongside “field” operators, manufacturers and importer-distributors, who along with certain international parts manufacturers also took the floor.

In conclusion, this innovative style conference received a very positive assessment and EQUIP AUTO ALGERIA has clearly found its place within an expanding local automotive market.

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