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Richard Canny appointed CEO of Think

Norwegian electric vehicle producer Think is moving from an entrepreneurial stage towards full industrialization. As part of this transition, automotive veteran Richard Canny was appointed CEO of Think. Svein S. Jacobsen simultaneously assumed the position as chairman of the board of directors.

Richard Canny brings 25 years of global automotive experience to Think. Canny was until recently Worldwide Director of Strategic Planning at Ford Motor Company, and has extensive global management experience from the automotive industry. He has held positions such as President of Ford South America, Managing Director of Ford Malaysia and President of Ford Argentina.

Svein Jacobsen is one of the most experienced industry leaders in Norway. During his time as Group CEO at TOMRA in the early nineties, the company accelerated its internationalization, becoming a leading global provider of recycling solutions.

– Climate change and energy security are two of the most important issues facing modern society. Electric vehicles are becoming a very important part of the solution. Think has demonstrated that the technology exist for electric vehicles to be a practical and affordable solution for urban transport. That is why I made the decision to leave the traditional automotive industry and join Think
– where the future is, said Richard Canny.

Newly appointed Chairman Svein Jacobsen expressed his gratitude towards former CEO Jan-Olaf Willums. – Willums is a visionary entrepreneur. He developed the Think mobility vision. Without his leadership, Think would not have been where it is today, said Jacobsen. Willums joined the board of directors where he will continue to make contributions to Think.

Volume production of TH!NK city is under way at Aurskog, Norway. The production rate is gradually ramping up. November 17th Think opens its first showroom in Oslo.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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