New RoboDeveloper Program Lowers Barrier to Entry for Robotics Industry Newbies!

At RoboDevelopment 2008 today, MobileRobots Inc, a world leader in mobile robotic platforms, announced help for firms and individuals struggling with difficult economic times to move into the growing field of autonomous robot applications.

During the recessionary Eighties, thousands moved into high-paying new jobs in personal computers, building an industry that powered two decades of US economic growth. MobileRobots hopes the autonomous robot industry will behave similarly.

Says Steven O’Leary, Director of Sales for MobileRobots Inc, “We have partners grabbing terrific ROI for their customers and repeat business for themselves with our technologies. One builds fleets of factory robots to automate a process that slowed tire production for decades. Another is solving security problems in hotels. Another is lightening the workload of scarce hospital staff. Another is promotion. Companies are beginning to understand how to differentiate themselves with autonomous robots, but we need more developers!”

MobileRobots Inc’s platforms help with delivery, security, environmental monitoring, visitor management, promotion and many other tasks out-of-the-box. A multitude of input and output options enable integration with wifi sniffers, radiation detectors, RFID readers, robotic arms and other accessories. Developers customize, add to and integrate the robots to save money or improve reliability.

MobileRobots’ new RoboDeveloper Program helps people move into autonomous robot fields by offering significant discounts on development platforms and software tools. The program also networks RoboDevelopers to share knowledge and partner on installation and support.

Adds Jeanne Dietsch, CEO of MobileRobots Inc, “The government’s too busy bailing out banks and failing corporations to see that they would get far more jobs for the buck building new industries. The RoboDeveloper program is MobileRobots Inc’s attempt to help maintain the US lead and build jobs in autonomous robotics.”

Apply for MobileRobots RoboDeveloper program at or contact “RoboDeveloper@”

Founded in 1995, MobileRobots Inc is a global leader in the design and manufacture of autonomous mobile bases, sensing systems, and software “Making YOUR Job Easier.” Thousands of MobileRobots’ platforms are used on six continents by leading organizations, including Toyota, Microsoft, Intel, Hitachi and the US Army. The company is based in Amherst, NH; + 1-603-881-7960; 

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Sun. June 16th, 2024

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