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EV Innovations Reaches Out to Chrysler and General Motors

EV Innovations Inc., world leader in the development of emission-free propulsion systems, using the latest lithium battery technology, has begun the process of reaching out to both Chrysler and General Motors to discuss merging its advanced electric car manufacturing and lithium battery technology with the giant automakers.

EV Innovations has worked passionately for the last several years to hone its cutting edge technology. At present, EVI is scheduled to introduce several of their ground floor, all electric car designs to the general market, and will unveil the new line of domestically powered vehicles at the New York International Auto Show.

EVI Sales Director Michael Cerven comments, “We have tested part of the solution technology that can make a difference. By working with the Detroit auto industry we can bring an innovative line of new vehicles to the American market, with a much needed boost to carbon emission reductions and the creation of new green jobs.”

The EVI executive team hopes to work with Congress and the Obama administration to see what is possible. “As time is critical, we will move quickly to build consensus and structure a favorable agreement that allows Detroit manufacturing to survive and move toward the future,” states Cerven.

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Sat. April 13th, 2024

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