Alternative Energy Development Corporation, an emerging provider of after-market fuel conservation technologies, announced today the launch of its patented, e3 Fuel Saver — a cost-effective automotive fuel saving device developed to help consumers save money at the pump.

“We are all looking for ways to stretch a dollar. The e3 Fuel Saver helps consumers, business owners and government agencies reduce their fuel costs by creating a more fuel efficient, cleaner burning automobile,” said Jay Alvarez, CEO of AEDC. “It’s a simple formula — when you increase your miles per gallon… you use less gas and save more money. The e3 Fuel Saver turns any new and late model gas powered vehicle into a fuel efficient, money saving machine.”

How the e3 Fuel Saver Works

AEDC’s patented, e3 Fuel Saver is unique in that its operation differs greatly from other fuel saving devices. Unlike those that use hydrogen or magnetic fields, the e3 Fuel Saver uses vapor combustion to minimize the consumption of fuel.

In a typical gas powered engine, the injector atomizes the fuel into the cylinder to create combustion — due to various inefficiencies in this process, less than 30% of the injected fuel is actually used to fire the cylinder. The remaining fuel is then passed through the catalytic converter and any residual, unused fuel is then deposited into the environment as a carbon pollutant.

The e3 Fuel Saver canister creates vapor, which is comparable to atomizing the fuel. Your vehicle interprets the message that less fuel is needed while still maintaining the factory’s required air to fuel ratio. This results in reduced fuel usage and a dramatic reduction in carbon based emissions.

e3’s Proven Performance in Independent Testing

AEDC’s e3 Fuel Saver underwent extensive testing prior to its commercial release. Independently conducted tests on multiple vehicle types using the Fuel Saver showed a documented:

— Increase in both city and highway mileage — by up to 50%.
— Reduction in emissions output; which contributes to a cleaner eco-
— Improvement in overall engine performance. Dyno Tests revealed an
increase in both horsepower and torque.
— Performance Improvement on gasoline fuel injection or carburated
engines for cars, trucks, vans and RVs.

With over 250 Million registered vehicles in the US alone… Alternative Energy Development Corporation intends to be the industry leader in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of cost-effective after-market fuel conservation technologies for consumers, government entities and business owners. The Company is currently working with automotive dealers and installers nationwide to make the e3 Fuel Saver readily available to all gas powered vehicle owners as an aftermarket addition. Retailing at under $300USD, the e3 Fuel Saver is cost-effective, requires little to no maintenance and can be easily installed in just under an hour.

For more information about Alternative Energy Development Corporation and/or the e3 Fuel Saver please visit the AEDC website at or contact us directly at

About AEDC

Alternative Energy Development Corporation (AEDC) is an Arizona based company whose objective is to promote the development and installation of cost-effective, fuel saving automotive technology worldwide. Our environmentally friendly product was designed to provide a practical and affordable solution to curb rising fuel costs for consumers worldwide and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. For more information about AEDC and our products, visit us at or call 888.799.3339.

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Sun. June 16th, 2024

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