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“At a time of historic crisis in our auto industry, this rule provides the clear certainty that will allow these companies to plan for a future in which they are building the cars of the 21st century” US President Barack Obama …pg 10

“The move to a low-carbon society and economy has consequences for all, but the implications for the automotive industry will be substantially deeper and wider than in many other cases” Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director of Corporate Relations, WWF International …pg 14

“In our view the potential to produce bio-fuels is very large in both temperate climates and sub-tropical and tropical regions. There are vast areas of agricultural lands that are poorly used. In industrial countries we have large areas of set-aside land and fallow land” Gustav Melin, president of the Swedish Bioenergy Association… pg 16

“Parrot collaborated with major Tier-One players to provide BMW with connectivity solutions including telephony as well as iPod and USB management, all features being voice-recognition-enabled” Eric Riyahi, OEM Director for Parrot …pg 20

“The EDISON project will reveal critical knowledge on how to integrate electric cars into the power grid. If we succeed, it will help us become less dependent on fossil fuels and contribute to making Denmark a greener and more sustainable society.” Connie Hedegaard, Danish Minister of Climate and Energy …pg 22

“If everything goes according to expectations, we could see a vehicle with the Scuderi Engine on the road in 2012.” Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group … pg 24

“The result is a strong partnership where we can look at electricity as a fuel for cars from two different but equally important angles. Both Vattenfall and Volvo have ambitious environmental targets, so we are striving towards the same goals.” Professor Lars Strömberg, Vice President of Research and Development at Vattenfall … pg 26

“EIT is recognized as a key component of the European recovery strategy and has the potential to be a powerful new driver of sustainable growth and competitiveness in Europe.” Martin Schuurmans, chairman of the governing board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology… pg 28
“Within Yorkshire Forward, we like to see regional companies conduct complex research and development projects to produce patent protected products that generate wealth and employment for several years.” Richard Wright, Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and Yorkshire Forward’s Advanced Engineering and Materials (AEM) sector champion … pg 32

“We aim to establish a resilient and competitive low-carbon economy, not just for the region but nationally and internationally.” Tony Hardy, director of the Centre for Low Carbon Futures… pg 34

“The Microcab project is distinctive in the automotive world in that it combines new vehicle design with exclusively zero emissions drive (using hydrogen and fuel cells) for urban applications.” Professor Mike Tovey, Director for Design at Coventry University… pg 38

“Many of these new electric drives are now placed in safety-critical vehicle functions which are highly dependent on electronic communications with other systems or sensors in the car.” Kevin Kott, president of dSPACE… pg 38

“There is a demand for lower vehicle weights (to accommodate batteries) and thus new active and possibly passive solutions will be necessary.” Lennart Josefson, director of the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre… pg 39

“The company remains as committed as ever before to its automotive customers. The automotive industry is a strategic business area for Sierra Wireless.” Pierre Piver, Vice President of embedded and OEM sales in the EMEA… pg 40

“We are focusing our research and development efforts in our strategic growth markets, namely new programming technology, and automated programming systems for the manufacturing environment.” Fred Hume, President and CEO of Data I/O… pg 42

“With a holistic vehicle and system perspective and our work in power management, we realized a considerable amount of waste through continuous energy consumption.” Steve Polakowski, president of ESG Automotive… pg 44

“Realistic scenarios can be played out in the relative safety of a learning environment, with no risk to the business.” Thomas Lehnert, founder and CEO of Tycoon Systems … pg 46

“What we were able to do was build an automated in-line solution that removed an entire production step.” Eivin Jørgensen, CEO, EFD Induction… pg 48

“Companies that invest more in R&D are, in general, more successful in the EU.” Cor Dieleman, program manager of the automotive ECP … pg 50 

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