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Innovative Software Breathes Life Into the Automotive Industry

Wheelware is Changing the Way Vehicle Accessories – tires, wheels, mufflers and other products – are Bought and Sold

As the American automotive industry undergoes an unprecedented downturn, some automotive retailers, dealerships and manufactures are increasing sales, while also engaging customers in an entirely new way. New Orleanian Anthony Piazza has completely changed the “sales model” through his patented Wheelware Software.

In 1995, Piazza revolutionized the way retail companies sell custom wheels and tires across the country by combining his 37 years of experience with ingenious computer software technology that has evolved into the Wheelware software we know today.

Wheelware includes wheel, tire, tint, audio, and color catalogues from every nearly manufacturer, along with over 1400 vehicle models to provide automotive retailers with a one-stop-shop for customizing customers’ cars. The software cuts retailers costs, time spent on a sale, while increasing productivity across the board.

Piazza says, “Having been in the automotive business for over 40 years, I saw a need to streamline the sales process. Our software makes it easier for the customer, retailer and manufacturer to complete the sale. Wheelware creates an opportunity for the manufacturer and retailer to truly connect with the consumer.”

As opposed to spending hours or days on a sale, flipping through hundreds of catalogs, holding up display wheels and helping the customer imagine what their vehicle will look like; retailers are able to interactively mix and match accessories and vehicles for customers with a click of a mouse and complete the sale within minutes.

“We know Wheelware works for retailers because we are retailers,” Piazza says. The software is displayed in easy-to-use kiosks that are placed in showrooms at dealerships, tire stores and repair shops across the United States. This display has made it effortless for retailers to increase their sales and grow their marketshare.

Clint Bryant, of New South Tires, a Robinson Tires retailer, in Laurel, Mississippi says, “It is critical to be able to show the customer how their actual car is going to look. For the customer to be able to visualize what they are purchasing is invaluable to our business.”

Anthony Piazza has been shaking up the custom wheel, tire and auto repair business since 1965. In the 60’s, Piazza’s Southern Tire was the first business to sell and install custom wheels in the Greater New Orleans area and has since grown to become one of the most successful wheel and tire distributors in the country

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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