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HyPower Fuel Provides Update on Leading Edge Biodiesel Intensification Process

HyPower Fuel Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been coordinating its work effort on the process intensification of its novel biodiesel process that uses minimal catalysts and no water.

Douglas Bender, President of HyPower, stated that “our professional chemists, engineers and process intensification specialists are very pleased with their advances in inventing an even safer, cleaner, more cost effective and smaller continuous flow reactor for the production of biodiesel. We are confident that we can reduce the residence time of our existing, innovative biodiesel production process to further minimize energy costs with an ever increasing smaller continuous flow reactor.”

Mr. Bender went on to say that “we believe that these improvements will make our process the greenest, most cost effective optimized biodiesel process which is exactly what our Asian and North American partners have asked us to create.”

About the HyPower Biofuel Process:

The HyPower Biofuel process is a cutting edge biodiesel technology that has a number of competitive advantages over conventional biodiesel production methods. The HyPower process uses essentially no catalysts or water to produce or purify the biodiesel produced. All inputs are recovered or converted to saleable products. The capital and environmental footprints of the process should be significantly less than conventional methods of biodiesel production.

About HyPower Fuel Inc.:

HyPower Fuel, Inc. is a category leading company in the energy technology sector, focusing on providing innovative, clean alternative energies through unique methods. Currently HyPower has hydrogen insertion and production technologies and biodiesel production technologies in development and/or in the product commercialization stage. For more information please visit:

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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