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Nano-Jet Releases Fuel Performance Enhancement Module Test Results

Nano-Jet Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitor Group, Inc. has just announced the results of several field tests of models of its Nano-Jet Fuel Module. Nano-Jet Corporation is the sole owner and producer of the worldwide patent applied for Nano-Jet line of fuel performance enhancing devices, the most highly refined and effective technology of its kind available in the market today.

These field tests of the Nano Fuel Module were voluntarily performed by potential future Nano-Jet customers on an informal basis with a focus on fuel savings and emission reduction. A synopsis of the test results as

— H & H Trucking reported a 20% fuel savings (diesel).

— KDK reported a 17% fuel savings on a Ford F-250 (diesel).

— A.T.M. Trucking reported a 14% fuel savings (diesel).

— Klose Trucking reported a 19.9% fuel savings (diesel).

— EJ&E Railway reported 3% fuel savings on a locomotive (diesel).

— Central Transport reported 17% Emission reduction, (diesel) 14% fuel
savings, 11% compression increase. Average over three separate tests.

— Raadstat Racing: “We tested the Nano-Jet on a 250cc Yamaha Motocross
motorbike, the bike has shown spectacular results with engine performance,
in the lower gears torque equaled a 400cc bike. Starting gate, jumps and
turns showed a quicker recovery. In third gear we were able to pop a low
wheelie. In a 5 lap heat we were able to reduce time by 28 seconds (this
should increase as the riders become more familiar with the Nano-Jet).” –
Don Raadstat, Racing Manager.

These impressive results will soon be reinforced by data from additional field testing and upcoming independent testing to be performed by the following prestigious institutions:

— The Vehicle Emission Control Center of the Chinese Research Academy of
Environmental Sciences (CRAES)

— Two North American Universities independent studies

— CAVCO, Inc., Clean Air Vehicle Company, Cairo, Egypt

“These test results provide an exciting initial view of the impressive fuel savings that are obtainable by the installation of the Nano-Jet Device on trucking fleets,” stated Ken Martin, CEO of Nano-Jet Corporation. “This just the tip of the iceberg and we will imminently be releasing news about more Nano-Jet developments, as we continue our preparations to make a strong entrance into the target markets.”

Nano-Jet Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitor Group, Inc. is the sole owner and producer of the patented Nano-Jet line of magnetic fuel performance enhancing Modules. Nano-Jet offers the most highly refined and effective fuel performance enhancement technology available in the market today.
Nano-Jet’s proprietary design magnetically restructures and polarizes fuel molecules to enable a more complete combustion of the fuel/air mix. Extensive testing of the line of Nano-Jet models on a variety of gasoline and diesel engines has conclusively proven that fuel treated by these fuel performance optimizing devices produces measurably more power, increases fuel economy by an average of 7-12% and reduces toxic exhaust emissions up to 30%.

The Nano-Jet Fuel Module is suitable for use with a wide variety of internal combustion power plants from the smallest single cylinder gasoline engine to diesel railroad locomotives and marine diesels large enough to power ocean going ships. To learn more about Nano-Jet, please visit our website at

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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