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Progress DataDirect Extends Support for Transportation and Logistics Industry With Latest Release

Progress Software Corporation, announces the latest release of the Progress(R) DataDirect(R) Data Integration Suite featuring updated support for industry standards and new features for automating and simplifying Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing for a variety of commercial industries. Now included in release 5.0 of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite is conformity with the latest standard for cargo data-exchange automation developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), its member airlines and the Air Transport Association of America (ATA).

Designed to meet the data transformation and aggregation needs of developers, the DataDirect Data Integration Suite contains XML-component technologies for data integration and service-oriented environments including DataDirect XQuery(R), DataDirect XML Converters(R) and Stylus Studio(R). Release 5.0 of the robust, highly flexible, single installation features new functionality to help reduce the need for manual coding and accelerate the delivery of mission-critical information to enterprise-applications and throughout trading partner networks.

Cargo data-exchange automation between airlines and other parties works efficiently only if universal messaging procedures are applied.
To support a paper-free environment and the uniformity, accuracy and economy of cargo data exchange, IATA has created the Cargo Interchange Message Procedures (Cargo-IMP). This official message source supports specifications concerning space allocation, air waybill, flight manifest, accounting, status, discrepancy, embargo, customs, CASS billing, dangerous goods, allotments and surface transportation.

Using DataDirect XML Converters, the easily embeddable, high-performance Java(TM) and .NET components available in the DataDirect Data Integration Suite products, developers working in the transportation and logistics industry can now covert IATA Cargo-IMP transactions into ready-to-use XML for accelerated processing, improved application performance and streamlined information-sharing between the airlines and business partners. Release 5.0 of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite supports all message types in the IATA Cargo-IMP Manual 27th Edition.

In addition to IATA Cargo-IMP, the DataDirect Data Integration Suite offers bi-directional, streaming conversion for myriad legacy EDI and flat-file types into XML and supports a wide variety of published EDI standards including: EDIFACT, HL7, IATA (PADIS), IATA Cargo-FACT, ASC X12, EANCOM, Edig@s, TRADACOMS, NCPDP and HIPAA. This allows Progress DataDirect customers to use the latest versions of these standards and seamlessly interoperate with their trading partners, who may be using different versions of the standards. These standards can then be augmented by using an EDI editor, which uses standard SEF files.

“Efficiently integrating data formats with core administrative systems and enterprise databases typically requires intense manual coding and a complex, integration architecture — consuming valuable IT resources and slowing operational responsiveness,” said Dr. Carlo Innocenti, senior XML manager for Progress DataDirect. “With the DataDirect Data Integration Suite, industry-standard message types can be automatically converted to-and-from XML with no development effort required. This is a huge resource benefit to companies, and to the success of their trading partner networks.”

Release 5.0 of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite also includes new built-in functions for analyzing EDI streams for errors and generating an analysis report that can then be used to filter errors during conversion of the EDI data stream to XML. The EDI analyzer tool processes EDI streams by filtering out groups, segments and messages with errors. An automatically generated report contains complete error messages, as well as dialect-specific transmission response messages that can then be used to notify the EDI sender of transmission receipt and processing acceptance or failure. For complete release highlights, go to

On Oct. 15, 2009 Progress DataDirect hosted a Webinar to demonstrate how the Data Integration Suite can help automate mission-critical EDI transaction processing with its support for IATA data standards including Passenger and Airport Data Interchange (PADIS) and Cargo-IMP. To listen to the session, go to

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global software company that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur — to capitalize on new opportunities, drive greater efficiencies and reduce risk. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class infrastructure software spanning event-driven visibility and real-time response, open integration, data access and integration, and application development and deployment — all supporting on-premises and SaaS/Cloud deployments. Progress maximizes the benefits of operational responsiveness while minimizing IT complexity and total cost of ownership. Progress can be reached at or +1-781-280-4000.

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