Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

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CTIA –The Wireless Association Testifying Before the FCC’s Distracted Driving Staff Workshop

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CTIA-The Wireless Association Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Chris Guttman-McCabe issued the following statement after appearing on a panel at the FCC’s Distracted Driving Staff Workshop:

“We appreciated the opportunity to discuss this important issue at the FCC.

“Over the last few months, CTIA and our members have participated in several Congressional hearings, developed a teen-focused anti-texting and driving campaign, and spoken with numerous stakeholders to discuss ways our industry can help stop distracted driving.

“I want to reiterate our support of bans on manual texting and emailing while driving. We also believe in mobile device restrictions for teen and novice drivers so they can better focus on learning how to be better drivers.

“We support technological advancements, but caution that they cannot be based on inflexible mandates that could stifle innovation. They must also be affordable and consumer-friendly.

“Finally, we will continue our focus on educating drivers of all ages about safe driving and responsible wireless use. Most recently, CTIA partnered with the National Safety Council this year to release our teen-focused ‘On the Road, Off the Phone’ campaign with a TV public service announcement and Web site.

“CTIA and our members look forward to working with the FCC as well as other policymakers and stakeholders at all levels to address the dangers of distracted driving.”

For more information about the CTIA and NSC “On the Road, Off the Phone” campaign, please visit: www.onroadoffphone.org

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Founded in 1895, the world's first trade magazine covering the automotive industry.