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Performance Electric Vehicles Now Equipped with Safe Ride(TM) Technology

Performance Electric Vehicles International (PEVintl.) is proud to announce the inclusion of Safe Ride(TM) Technology on their deluxe model, all-electric bikes and ATVs sold in the USA. Curt Watkins, president and CEO, states, “We at Performance Electric Vehicles International are excited to have Safe Ride(TM) technology installed on our vehicles. We really believe that Safe Ride(TM) is a true life-saving device and will give our vehicles an extra feature that will keep our customers safe.”

Paul Grzebielucha, President and CEO of Powersport Innovations, says, “We are excited to team up with Performance Electric Vehicles International to bring our life-saving technology to its customers. We believe that Safe Ride(TM) will become a standard feature offered by more Powersport Vehicle providers and this will save lives.”

PEVintl will be offering the Safe Ride(TM) technologies as standard equipment on their upper-end bikes and scooters and as a recommended option on their standard vehicles. These include Scooters and ATVs that run up to 60mph and operate as economical as one cent per mile. PEV’s president, Curt Watkins, states, “Safe Ride(TM) is an awesome product that I really believe in! While our products are environmentally friendly and very safe, we believe that Safe Ride(TM) is the hottest new life-saving technology available for vehicles and bikes. Everyone wants to be safe and visible while riding and driving. Safe Ride(TM) really helps this happen with the red LED light that strobes when you start to slow down. This product is so advanced, it operates on G-Force reduction and is not dependent upon mechanical connections. The Safe Ride technologies activate before your brake lights go on! I can’t wait to introduce it to all our customers.”

The ground-breaking Safe Ride(TM) system includes a microprocessor-controlled G-Force sensing module. As a motorcyclist/vehicle throttles down or decelerates, the micro-processor provides power to the LED. When engaged, the red LED strobes, gaining surrounding drivers’ full attention and helping them take timely corrective action and avoid collisions. This advanced warning system works with any reduction of speed including sudden throttle reductions and braking. This is a drastic improvement over other systems that only work if the brake is applied. The Safe Ride(TM) module only draws 170 milliamps of power and is totally independent of the brake system.

Paul Grzebielucha, president and CEO of Powersport Innovations, states, “Our Safe Ride(TM) product continues our work to provide innovative products that will help save lives. We are dedicated to reducing the nearly 5,000 motorcyclist lives that are lost annually, many due to being hit from behind.”

Powersport Innovations is based in Fort Myers, Florida, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PWC Industries, a leader in revolutionary product development. The company focuses on quality, safety, reliability, innovation, convenience and environmentally sound products and technologies to deliver a positive experience to the outdoor enthusiast.

Performance Electric Vehicles International is dedicated to providing electrically powered, environmentally responsible vehicles to meet the transportation needs of individuals, business and industry.

PEVintl is all about simple, safe and sensible user-friendly electric vehicle solutions for our customers. We provide totally electric vehicles that have no carbon emissions, that are designed with specific needs in mind, that are safe, dependable and virtually maintenance-free. Our vehicles are designed to be direct replacements for the fossil-fuel-powered counterparts, providing earth-friendly alternatives to help a choking planet.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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