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Systems Evolution’s Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Announces Relationship With Dongfeng Motors of China

Systems Evolution Inc., majority shareholder of Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Inc. (HHHI), has announced that the first phase of a series of testing has been completed with Dongfeng Motor Group of China, who ranks second among the big five Chinese automakers.

HHHI President Mel Robinson in making the announcement commented, “The successful testing of our product now opens the doors for negotiations to have our fuel cell installed on all new vehicles produced by Dongfeng in China. Last year, Dongfeng produced nearly one million vehicles in China. Revenues from this project could easily generate in excess of $100 million.”

Dave McMahan, CEO of Madami International of Arkansas, represents HHHI in this venture. Madami is highly recognized in China as a volume distributor of Chinese manufactured products.

Dongfeng, in addition to being one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in China, also participates in joint ventures with Honda and Kia. Dongfeng own 25% of Kia and produces the Hyundai Accent, Kia Optima and Kia Carnival/Cerato.

Robinson added, “After the last summit meeting in Copenhagen, China has indicated it will begin to move forward in the reduction of harmful emissions as well as other environmental issues. Test results of the HHHI Supplemental Fuel System by third party certified labs indicate a reduction of high 23 carbon emissions in internal combustion engines by as much as 50% while increasing fuel mileage and horsepower. The patented design of the Supplemental Fuel System enables an internal combustion engine to burn 100% of the fossil fuel present in its combustion process.”

Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Inc. also produces supplemental fuel systems for heavy duty trucks, inland and ocean marine engines, stationery engines, motorcycles and automobiles.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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