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Highline Technical Innovations Announces Phase 11 Prototype for Dong Feng Motors

Highline Hydrogen Hybrids announces that they have completed a prototype supplemental fuel system specifically for Dong Feng Motors. Testing of this prototype is now complete, and the applications requested for this system by Dong Feng have been met. This unit is specifically designed to self regulate gas production in direct relation to engine revolutions per minute (rpm) and work load. This new system is in constant communication with the engine ECM and provides Hydrogen simultaneously with all petroleum based fuels. This homogenous system provides additional fuel economy at all engine speeds, road speeds and different loads or towed equipment.

HLNT has made arrangements for one of its technical representatives to deliver this unit to Dong Feng in person and will demonstrate the installation and testing of the prototype.

Mr. Charlton Coats, CEO of Highline Technical Innovations, Inc. stated that “this is an amazing break-through in the technology of hydrogen as a supplemental fuel. Our future has always looked bright but we never anticipated such a stride forward in such a short time. I offer accolades to our technicians and engineers and look forward to our presentation to Dong Feng Motors. While we look forward to the opportunities we have abroad, we continue to focus much effort on growing opportunities concerning the disastrous domestically. Last night, President Obama addressed our nation oil spill in the Gulf. He spent a portion of the speech addressing the development and implementation of alternative fuels and clean energy technologies. We believe our technology can be a part of this country’s coming transformation and look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.”

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Mon. May 27th, 2024

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