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Energy 1 Short Lists Manufacture for Its ExhausTek and IonTek Emission and Energy Saving Technology

Energy 1 Corp, announced that it has short listed several manufactures for its ExhausTek and IonTek emission and energy saving technologies.

According to the company’s recent news release (June 9, 2010) of its strategic outline, it has successfully short listed the manufacture of its ExhausTek and IonTek emission and fuel saving technologies. The key hurdle was the ceramic covering of several of its components which have been successfully resolved by the capabilities of the short listed manufacture groups. The Company is anticipating making an announcement on a definitive agreement by the mid to end of September, 2010.

“We are currently short listing several manufactures that can grow with our corporate needs as well as having the flexibility to move from proto type to full scale manufacturing all under one roof,” stated Mr. Dean Steiger, President of Energy 1 Corporation

Energy 1 Corporation is a US based Energy Research and Development Corporation, specializing in the development of energy and emission solutions for the post carbon economy for the transportation, institutional and multi-unit residential industries.

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