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Tony Wilson Invites PM David Cameron to Find Out How He Can Help UK Manufacturing

In a live interview with Eamonn Holmes on Sky’s Sunrise show Tony Wilson, Chairman and CEO of UK automotive manufacturing company Klarius Group, stated his position on how the UK government could help manufacturing industry to be more successful, “The UK is a mature market, we are not about to see the explosive growth of the emerging economies such as India and China, what we can do though is to make many small improvements in order to stay competitive. We need common sense legislation, the removal of red tape and a level playing field so that we can compete with foreign companies and importers” said Wilson.

George Osborne has said that UK economic performance figures show a recovery, and (ONS) figures point towards the economy growing by 0.8% between July and September – twice the rate that was predicted. The impact on UK manufacturing however is reported to be negligible, asked about what the government could do the Klarius Group Chairman stated that the company has grown during recession to become a GBP 360 million turnover enterprise, but that the government needed a better insight into the reality of running a manufacturing business in UK in order to help.

An open invite was made to the PM to visit one of the company’s medium-to-large UK manufacturing sites and experience the daily frustrations of running an efficient and profitable UK manufacturing company. The Klarius Group purchased automotive aftermarket heavyweight Quinton Hazell in February from its previous US owners, and made the once loss making company profitable within three months, while retaining all the UK manufacturing sites it inherited.

In a another live broadcast with Tessa Chapman at 5:30pm on Sky News from one of those plants, the Quinton Hazell automotive water pump design and manufacturing plant in Colwyn Bay – a site that was slated for closure before the buyout, its Operations Manager David Lewis described it as, “a great example of how investment in research and development and a positive, motivated local workforce far outweighs worries about a so-called double dip recession”.

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Thu. April 18th, 2024

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