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Leading automakers’ strategies in the in-vehicle smartphone integration market

Leading automakers’ strategies to secure your place in the in-vehicle smartphone integration market and plan for future technological innovation

“Smartphone integration into vehicles presents itself as one of the biggest opportunities and challenges to the telematics ecosystem in years”. Ralf Hug, Founder & President of the Trajectory Group LLC

As this new value chain emerges the telematics industry is faced with several questions:

• What is the potential legislation surrounding driver distraction?
• What are OEMs looking for when identifying partners for ventures in the smartphone integration space?
• What are the projections of future smartphone architecture in the vehicle?

Since, information like this is crucial to capitalize on this lucrative business opportunity; Telematics Update is launching a comprehensive industry report with all the answers.

The 140+ page In-Vehicle Smartphone Integration Report focuses on leading automakers’ strategies to help the telematics industry secure their place in the in-vehicle smartphone integration market and plan for future technological innovation.

Mercedes, Hyundai, ONX and Volvo are amongst the key stakeholders interviewed.

Dave MacNamara, previous advanced infotainment systems manager and multimedia manager at Ford, attests.
“It provides guidance, timely and relevant information for business planners, product developers and the automotive/consumer industry. We learn how governments could act, the products and strategies of the leading OEMs and their emerging ecosystems. New value chains and suppliers have emerged. I expect automotive insiders see the value of being supplied with the latest information on this fast-moving arena.”

To sum up “Telematics Update’s latest report is the one-stop “update” to gain a complete understanding of what is required to compete and to differentiate infotainment products”.

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Alternatively, contact Charlotte Wright on or + 44 (0) 207 375 7585 / 1 800 814 3459 ext. 7585

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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