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Lehigh Technologies Expands Product Line With a Butyl Micronized Powder Solution

Company's New Product Can Offset Rising Butyl Rubber Prices, Advance Manufacturers' Sustainability Goals

Lehigh Technologies, a manufacturer of sustainable, micronized rubber powders, announced today the further expansion of its product line by offering butyl based MicroDyne(TM) and PolyDyne(TM) micronized powders for customers managing the challenge of rising butyl rubber costs due to short supply. The product also helps to improve the sustainability of customers’ products.

Prices of butyl rubber, a key component in tire and industrial products, continue to rise. Lehigh’s butyl products, made with the highest quality and consistency, stretch the butyl compound’s usage, helping manufacturers manage costs without sacrificing performance.

“To help the tire industry continue its environmental efforts, we must look at continuing the development of sustainable rubber materials. With that goal in mind, we have successfully incorporated butyl rubber into our production environment and the Lehigh Application and Development team has developed formulation protocols to optimize the use of micronized rubber powders in compounds,” said Kedar Murthy, vice president and general manager of Lehigh Technologies Tire and Industrial Rubber business. “Our sustainable powders help the tire industry better manage costs by replacing high cost, non-renewable virgin materials and provide a green solution that doesn’t compromise quality.”

Lehigh Technologies is leading the way in making the use of sustainable (100 percent recycled) rubber powders a competitive advantage for tire manufacturers. By incorporating micronized natural rubber powders into products, manufacturers can get out in front of the curve in the development of sustainable products and position their company as leading edge in “green” manufacturing. Lehigh’s Application & Development team works with tire companies worldwide to incorporate Butyl powder in Halobutyl or other Butyl compounds.

Lehigh Technologies recently launched its Road to One Billion Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to put one billion tires on the road that have been manufactured using Lehigh’s sustainable micronized rubber material. Lehigh hopes this campaign catalyzes an industry-wide effort to increase the environmental contributions of the industry through the use of innovative, sustainable materials. This campaign also aligns with targets aimed at reducing the consumption of oil in the production of new tires. The goal for the Road to One Billion Campaign is to work with tire manufacturers that are committed to sustainable tire manufacturing to further reduce the carbon footprint of a tire.

Lehigh Technologies is a leading green materials manufacturer that turns end-of-life tire materials and other post-industrial rubber into sustainable powders that can be used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Today there are 100 million tires manufactured containing its products. Lehigh Technologies is a World Economic Forum 2010 recipient of The Technology Pioneer Award for its visionary leadership and transformational technology. Headquartered in Tucker, GA, Lehigh Technologies is privately held and backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Index Ventures and NGP Energy Technology Partners. For more information, please visit

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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