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TTX-DataLogger from TTTech Automotive: Technology for Vehicle Testing and Validation

With TTX-DataLogger, TTTech Automotive, a subsidiary of TTTech and specialist for safety controls and reliable networking, as well as manufacturer of electronic control systems for electric vehicles, brings a recording tool to the market that exceeds today’s most demanding application profiles. As a high-performance, open and scalable platform, this data logger is prepared for future requirements. The technology within this product motivated AUDI AG to act as a development partner.

Through its innovative concept, TTX-DataLogger sets new standards for securing and troubleshooting in the automobile. The unit meets criteria such as ease of use and flexibility, and provides the availability of recorded data of all current bus systems that are synchronized by a central time stamp. For different application profiles TTX-DataLogger allows holistic and selective recording at the same time, and has an integrated diagnostic interface. Using established measurement and calibration protocols, internal ECU signals can also be recorded. Following the data for a complete and consistent analysis are provided.

“The bar for test equipment at Audi is very high because they are an integral part of our quality system,” says Ricky Hudi, Head of Electrics/Electronics at AUDI AG. “In addition to comprehensive functionality and absolute reliability, aspects such as ease of operation and a simple, consistent interpretation and analysis are important to us. The TTX-DataLogger simplifies the recording on board as well as the subsequent evaluation. I am pleased that we were involved in the successful implementation of such an ambitious development.”

TTX-DataLogger can also be operated remotely from the test bench. An open operating system platform ensures that existing test and evaluation functions are easily integrated. OEM-specific requirements can be added upon request. Besides from the possibility to use external storage functions, the device has a large onboard memory for recording.

“In addition to the implementation of the comprehensive feature set on the device itself, reliability and convenient use of the tool during testing are our main focus,” says Dr. Stefan Poledna, Managing Director of TTTech Automotive GmbH. With a remote control, having the same functionality as the device itself, TTX-DataLogger can be used in the passenger compartment while driving. Using a mark button and audio recording, abnormalities can be documented directly with the remote control.

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Sat. December 2nd, 2023

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