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An open letter to Automotive Industry readers from Wolfgang Neumann, Founder, Energy Globe

Dear Mr. Larkin,

The meeting of the Energy Globe Honorary Board headed by Maneka Gandhi, where high-ranking representatives from all five continents discussed solutions to the world’s most pressing energy issues, offered hopeful results.

Initially, a nightmarish picture was offered by representatives from developing countries where a large portion of the population has no access whatsoever to energy. In India alone this figure amounts to 700 million. By contrast, New York City uses as much energy as does the entire African continent.

This situation requires a timely solution, said Pradeep Monaga, who represented UNIDO, where he is in charge of changes in energy policy. This is the reason why the UN General Assembly has launched its campaign called “Sustainable Energy for All”. The subsequent discussion helped portray a very hopeful picture. All necessary technologies for solving the world’s energy problems are available from western industrial countries, in particular from Austria. In this regard, however, the world finds itself in a twofold situation: Emerging countries need to focus on using renewable energies such as wind and solar power, especially by taking advantage of new energy storage devices that offer 24-hour power supply to systems with increased power needs. This also requires new ways of thinking that no longer focus on central supply systems but instead on decentralized, isolated solutions.

In contrast, industrial countries where 20 per cent of the population uses 80 per cent of available energy will need to focus on improved energy consumption solutions. As Dr. Koeberle from DECRA explained, well thought-out solutions can help save between 10 and 20 percent in energy. Investments, some of which pay off even within five years, can help save between 40 and 60 per cent in energy without any loss to comfort or production costs. This also requires a trend moving towards more intelligent, decentralized energy facilities managed by Internet-based load management systems capable of storing energy within the building. Global implementation of such systems requires a heightened awareness by the world’s population as well as by national governments. This is where Energy Globe can contribute the most, says Wolfgang Neumann, the initiator of Energy Globe. “We can offer 30 years of experience in creating more awareness as well as best practice methods from 151 of the world’s countries.”
The Energy Globe Award as well as a unique interactive Energy Globe Portal offer reliable tools for better global awareness. In a joint global effort between United Nations, the World Bank and individual governments, sustainable solutions can be found in a timely manner, thus creating sustainable energy for all.

Energy Globe will soon be introducing a best-practice action plan for such an undertaking.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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