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Choreo 5.0 – The Auto Industry’s Most Advanced Scalable Cloud-Based Platform Worldwide

Airbiquity Sets All-New Industry Standard Launching the World's Largest Mobile Integration Solution on the Market

Airbiquity, Inc., a global leader in connected vehicle services released the latest version of its global cloud-based mobile integration solution – Choreo 5.0. Airbiquity’s Choreo Service Delivery Platform has been significantly enhanced for 2013 with Choreo 5.0 now able to integrate practically any application into the vehicle, whether it comes from a smartphone or cloud-based streaming service.

“The scalability of this solution is unmatched in this industry, and a paradigm shift,” said David Jumpa, Chief Revenue Officer, Airbiquity. “Previous automotive manufacturers have relied exclusively on custom in-house development of such solutions which is both costly and exhaustive to manage and maintain. The Airbiquity solution provides a true Managed Service offering for today’s leading OEMs.” Jumpa added, “With the rising popularity of smartphones and cloud services as part of a personalized digital lifestyle, Airbiquity is pleased to offer OEMs a global, best-in-class solution coupled with a rich portfolio of available applications and content from a vast network of partners.”

The largest global cloud-based solution of its kind, Choreo 5.0 guarantees compatibility with a wide range of content and service partners worldwide. These service partners and their combined abilities with Airbiquity are what differentiate Choreo 5.0 from anything else on the market. Airbiquity’s network of communications partners, including Sprint, Vodafone, Telenor Connexion, and China Unicom enable a comprehensive end-to-end solution offer on a global scale as well. With the automaker in mind, this means a fully scalable and customized system that has global connectivity. An additional factor that differentiates Choreo 5.0 from anything else on the market is its ability to be scalable per region, brand, or model. This agnostic model allows for maximum service and more streamlined in-market reliability. The Choreo 5.0 Mobile Integration solution will be rolled out with 2 major automotive brands starting later in 2013.

“The continued evolution of the connected vehicle leads to growing innovations and business opportunities for automakers and many other industries,” said Thilo Koslowski, Vice President and Automotive Practice Leader at Gartner, Inc. “Cloud computing-based solutions in particular will define new connected vehicle, connected driver and connected customer experiences that will advance automobiles into the ultimate mobile device platform.”

The benefits of Airbiquity’s patented Mobile Integration solution include:

— Globalization – the highly scalable Choreo platform is the first truly
global smartphone and cloud apps solution on the market that can also be
localized to the needs of the consumers in each market

— Personalization – allows fast and easy integration of apps over the
lifecycle of the vehicle and owner experience to meet the ever changing
needs and tastes of consumers around the world

— Governance – offers cloud-based rules and policies that govern app
behavior in regards to important driver distraction and safety
regulations to promote optimal driver distraction prevention

— Unique User Experience – allows OEMs to define a unique user experience
where the HMI can be customized to the vehicle, as well as render apps
on the head-unit with an OEM specific look and feel

— Adaptability – works with all major handset OS and platforms through a
unique combination of cloud apps and smartphone-based apps

— Lifecycle support – update of apps is managed through Airbiquity’s
Choreo platform so consumers always enjoy the latest version and

For more information about the Airbiquity global cloud-based Mobile Integration Solution, visit

About Airbiquity
Airbiquity is at the forefront of change in the connected vehicle and telematics industries, integrating advances in software, communications technology, and wireless services with vehicles. Its connected vehicle solutions offer automakers a flexible platform for delivering innovative cloud-based and smartphone applications and services that help automobiles adapt to the driver’s digital lifestyle. To learn more about Airbiquity, visit or

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