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Ibeo Automotive and TASS International Link Their Technologies for Next-generation Driver Assistance

Ibeo Automotive and TASS International announced today that they have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of automated scenario generation based on laser scanner technology. The combination of Ibeo’s laser scanner technology and TASS’ PreScan simulation technology results in a revolutionary innovation in which simulated driving scenarios are automatically generated from real-life measurement data.

TASS International has developed PreScan, a widely adopted simulation platform for the development of assisted (ADAS), connected (V2x) and autonomous vehicle systems. PreScan provides detailed simulation of vehicle sensors in complex traffic scenarios. For more information, see

Ibeo Automotive is a supplier of advanced laser scanners which can accurately detect and classify traffic participants such as vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians.
Automotive OEMs and tiers typically install Ibeo’s high-end laser scanners as reference system on their test vehicles during test track and public road testing to verify the performance of their production sensors. For more information, see

The combined strengths of Ibeo’s laser scanner technology and the PreScan simulation platform can now be utilized to develop, test and simulate driver assistance applications such as emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control, and pedestrian detection systems.

The real-life traffic data from Ibeo’s laser scanners can be automatically converted into a set of virtual PreScan scenarios, offering a platform for engineers to quickly check the consequences of design changes in a wide range of true-to-life traffic scenarios.

This new toolset will speed up the ADAS development process while significantly reducing costs. This new toolset closes the gap between CAE and FOT. This new toolset is a must for any expert in ADAS development.

About TASS International

TASS International was established in 2012 as a merger of several independent automotive TNO affiliates. The combined business propositions of these independent companies have resulted in a complete offering of safe, green and smart mobility solutions. TASS International supports the transport industry to develop safer, more sustainable and intelligent vehicles by providing innovative software products, state-of-the-art testing facilities and cost-effective engineering solutions.

About Ibeo Automotive

Ibeo is the world-leading company in laser scanner technology for automotive applications. Since its foundation in 1998, Ibeo has been dedicated to the development of advanced laser measurement technology including innovative algorithms for object tracking and classification. This know-how enables Ibeo’s laser scanner technology to support all driving assistance applications and to act as a sensor reference system.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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