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Startup Aims to Change the Way We See Brake Lights Forever

Device Senses and Indicates Perceptible Deceleration to Following Drivers

Vectolabs, LLC. is raising funds to launch their patent pending brake light system they believe will change the brake light forever. Dubbed the Adaptive Perceptible Deceleration Indicator (APDI) by engineers at this innovative company, the product is designed to reduce the risk of rear end collisions by enhancing visibility. An onboard accelerometer and microprocessor coupled with automotive grade LEDs alleviates 3 major deficiencies of current brake light systems:

Today’s brake lights only appear when depressing the brakes. Down shifting and engine braking slow your vehicle considerably although brake lights never illuminate
Brake lights only indicate a driver is applying brakes without any indication of the level of urgency

Driving distractions are on the rise and inattentive drivers might lose precious time by failing to notice brake lights in front of them

Vectolabs’ proprietary algorithm alerts following drivers to deceleration by any means; whether engine braking, downshifting or conventional braking. In addition, two levels of flashing distinguish between normal deceleration and emergency braking.

Vololights™ will be the branded product utilizing this technology in a motorcycle license plate frame. “Vololights revolutionizes motorcycle safety. With the ability to signal any method of deceleration in addition to alerting drivers how fast the rider is braking, Vololights could potentially reduce rear end collisions,” said Ken Whalster. Ken knows a thing or two about motorcycles; he is a rider and President of, the largest online powersports distributors cataloging 8 million parts.

This breakthrough technology is being well received by some in the media. Vololights was featured in the popular Cycle World magazine as well as even declared, “Vololights is just amazing!”

The San Diego based start-up launched on the popular Kickstarter crowdfunding platform during May for Motorcycle Awareness Month. The funding will be used for production molds to target the motorcycle and scooter markets. Phase two will include multiple plate designs and eventually the company looks to adapt the technology to fleets and automobiles. “Following the company’s mission to improve the lives of customers through unique and innovative products, we think motorcycle safety is a great place to start,” said Faizal Ali , the company’s co-founder and also an avid motorcyclist.

For more information, follow the Kickstarter link or contact Jesse T. Szynal , 949-354-4329 ,