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Intelligent Antenna Module of Continental and Kathrein Powered by Autotalks V2X Communication Chip

Autotalks series-production-ready V2X chipset and software is integrated into Continental and Kathrein Automotive B-sample V2X capable antenna module

Continental, among the leading automotive suppliers worldwide, and Kathrein Automotive, among the world market leaders in the automotive antenna market, will showcase together on the ITS World Congress in Tokyo (October 14, 2013) an Intelligent Antenna Module with V2X functionality based on Autotalks V2X (Vehicle to X, as Vehicle-to-Vehicle or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) communication chipset and software.

The multi-mode shark-fin shaped antenna incorporates on-board V2X antenna and electronics, along with GPS and LTE antennas in a challenging small footprint and highly integrated RF circuit.

The antenna, powered by Autotalks mobility optimized modem, reached unprecedented V2X communication measured range. Around 2km range at unobstructed area, and more than 1.5km range in the German Autobahn (with over 90% packet delivery rate) when differential vehicles speed is nearly 350km/h, while using 20dBm transmission power.

Autotalks CRATON (ATK4100) V2X communication processor and PLUTON (ATK3100) V2X RF transceiver comprise a series-production-ready chipset offering, already available for development and integration.

It allowed Continental and Kathrein Automotive to offer car manufacturers market’s first B-sample-level V2X hardware functionality and form-factor. Such offering is crucial in meeting the tight release schedule of connected car models by 2015 and on, as committed by the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium partners.

Autotalks V2X software is running ThreadX real-time operating system (RTOS). ThreadX meets MISRA coding guidelines and has been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar for use in safety-critical systems, according to IEC-61508 and IEC-62304. In comparison to existing Linux based prototypes, Autotalks V2X software represents a major step forward in matureness and reliability.

“Autotalks played a key role in supporting Kathrein Automotive design, integration and testing intensive efforts“, said Ralf Boesche, Global Engineering Director of Kathrein Automotive. “V2X technology implementation requires strong automotive capabilities and deep understanding of RF properties to meet the strict performance requirements and challenging antenna form factor”.

“Continental sees V2X communication as one of the key technologies for future mobility services”, said Mr. Walter Fehrmann, Research and Development Intelligent Antenna Module of Continental. “After successful tests of the V2X chipset and software of Autotalks, we can now use this antenna concept to go into series development. Autotalks was able to provide the essential V2X building blocks with the required flexibility to support Continental architecture”.

About Autotalks Ltd.
Autotalks enables the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication revolution by providing automotive qualified VLSI solutions, containing the entire ECU functionality. The unique technology of Autotalks addresses V2X challenges: communication reliability, communication security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation. Autotalks is committed to providing a standard compliant solution toward connected cars series production from 2015 on.

Autotalks is a privately held company with strong venture capital backing.
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