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Huf´s Revolutionary “IntelliSens” Universal Sensor

Tire pressure monitoring systems

In accordance with the needs of tire and repair shops in the aftermarket Huf has developed a revolutionary concept for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS): The “IntelliSens” universal sensor. Car manufacturers design TPMS according to their individual concepts which leads to a large range of variants leaving tire and repair shops with the problem of stocking numerous part numbers. Huf offers the solution by developing a universal sensor which – in only very few variants – covers almost all car models and helps to keep stocks low.

Huf “IntelliSens” universal sensor value for the money

Universal sensors are tire pressure sensors which are capable of replacing the majority of original equipment (OE) sensors. Huf has developed a configurable universal sensor which comes already with a multitude of protocols and parameters. With the help of conventional TPMS diagnosis tools the “IntelliSens” can be configurated for the most popular TPMS equipped vehicles. This configuration process takes only three seconds which makes Huf’s “IntelliSens” the quickest and most efficient sensor application on the market.

Huf has been a major supplier to car manufacturers especially for keys, locksets, door handles, latches as well as control units and telematics. Founded in 1908 in Germany today the group has subsidiaries all over the world such as Huf North America counting a turnover of 1,3 billion US$ employing 6.800 people. Subsidiary Huf Electronics Bretten (Germany) has belonged to the pioneers in developing TPMS, till today supplying well-known brands for passenger and sports cars. Huf Electronics Bretten is specialised in the production of TPMS employing more than 240 in their German manufacturing plant.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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