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Ferrari of Seattle Named Top Dealership in the World

Ferrari's Famed F1 Race Car to Make Special Pit Stop at Award-Winning Dealership

It’s fast times in the Emerald City. Ferrari of Seattlehas announced it has been named “Ferrari Top Dealer- World Champion2013.” For taking home top honors, the local Seattle dealership willreceive a congratulatory visit from one of Ferrari’s famed Formula 1 racingcars in early 2014, which be on display for public viewing.

The award was announced at the Ferrari World DealerConvention in Maranello, Italy and dealership co-owner Tino Perrina was on handto accept the honors. The Ferrari of Seattle dealership edged out more than 220dealerships around the world to earn the honors, which are based on acombination of factors including sales volumes, market penetration, clientsatisfaction and local marketing initiatives.

Established in 1999, the Capitol Hill-based dealershiphas consistently performed well among the Ferrari network. In addition to theTop Dealer honor, Ferrari of Seattle’s Mark Glenwood was also recently named asthe number two Ferrari technician in the world, based on challenges in bothpractical and theoretical tests. In 2011 the dealership was awarded another prestigioushonor, “Top Dealer in North and South America.”

“We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished, andgetting a local visit from a Ferrari F1 is truly something special,” saidco-owner Roberto Perrina, who has worked with his brother at the family-rundealership since its inception. “This F1 underlines Ferrari’s incredibleracing DNA and will be a rare opportunity to view the car up close and personalat our dealership.”

The car will be on display in the Ferrari dealership,which is currently undergoing a renovation and once complete, will include aredesigned showroom, a high tech car configuration room where clients canselect customizations onsite and more. Final dates and viewing details for theFerrari F1 visit will be unveiled in March. Stay up to date with the latestinformation at www.ferrariofseattle.comor of Seattle is one of the last standing car dealerships in downtownSeattle and services the entire state of Washington as well as Idaho, Montana andAlaska.


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