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GAZ Group will present its autocomponent products at the Hannover Messe European Industrial Fair

TheAutocomponents Division of GAZ Group will be taking part in Hannover MesseIndustrial Fair, 7 to 11 of April, in the German city of Hannover. The HannoverMesse Industrial Fair is considered the most important international event inindustrial world.


Atthe Hannover Messe, Autocomponents Division will present more than 100 samplesof its products. Among the components presented there will engine and transmissionelements, brake system elements and suspensions. A significant part of theshowcase belongs to iron and aluminum castings for different sectors ofindustry, including automobile construction, railroad machinery, real estatedevelopment, urban environment development, electrical industry, etc. GAZ Groupwill also be showcasing forged steel in different in forms, weight andcomplexion, all made by hot forging method.


GAZGroup is among the largest autocomponents producers in Russia. It has dynamicallydeveloped the production of different components, including stamped wheels,axles, suspensions and components, pressed body elements, iron and non-ferrouscasting, forged parts, dies, molds, and much more. GAZ actively participates inlocalisation of component production in Russia: for the last fewyears GAZ has implemented several projects to create component production ofinternational quality standards together with foreign partners. Joint venturesare currently operating with PCMA, European company Bosal, Swedish companyBulten and a further joint venture is currently being worked on with Italianwheel producer MW SpA.


KirillEpshteyn, the Director of Autocomponents Division said: “The Hannover MesseFair is a unique demonstration site for production and technical capabilities,a meeting point for professionals in spheres of production, purchase and sales,a great site for negotiations. We hope that participation in the Fair will givea start for new projects of autocomponents production with internationalpartners. We have everything required for that, including a long experience inproduction activities, modern equipment and qualified staff.” 



HannoverMesse – is the largest industrial fair in the world. Every year about 6thousand exhibitors take part in the Fair and 200 thousand guests visit it. Thefirst Hannover Messe was held in 1947 in an undamaged factory building inLaazen town under the supervision of British Military Administration in orderto stimulate industrial activity within post-war Germany restoration program.Within Hannover Messe 2014 there are going to be seven international Fairs,including Industrial Supply subcontracting fair (Autocomponets Divisionshowcase is 005 F14 in pavilion No 5 of Industrial Supply section).


GAZ Group is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles inRussia. GAZ Group produces light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, buses,heavy-duty trucks, passenger cars, power trains and automotive components atits 13 plants located in 8 regions of Russia. GAZ Group leads the Russiancommercial vehicles market, with 50% of the LCV segment and 65% of the bussegment. The GAZelle Next, a new generation LCV, is the Company’s flagshipproduct. GAZ Group is the leader among Russian automakers buildingenvironmentally friendly modes of transport, including vehicles usingalternative fuels. GAZ Group’s main shareholder is RussianMachines machine-building holding, a part of the Basic Element business group. GAZ Group headquartersis located in Nizhny Novgorod

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