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Ford App helps ADT customers control home security from their cars

Ford and security company ADT have taken security onto the road through the announcement that the ADT Pulseâ„¢ app will become compatible with Ford SYNC® AppLink. 

At the recently concluded 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Arthur Orduña, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of ADT said “ADT is constantly seeking ways to enhance both security and convenience for our customers in an increasingly mobile world. By working together with Ford, ADT is able to provide a safe way for drivers to quickly address their security concerns while on the road.” 
Automotive Industries (AI) asked Ryan Petty, Vice President Product Development and Innovation, The ADT Corporation, what features Ford customers can expect in their vehicles. 

Petty: Through the integration into the Ford SYNC AppLink platform, ADT Pulse customers will soon be able to use simple voice commands to control a wide range of home functions such as opening garage doors, arming a home a security system and unlocking doors. 
AI: Tell us a little about the thinking behind the features such as remote unlocking of homes, garages etc. – what did your research into consumer requirements reveal? 

Petty: For years, ADT Pulse customers have been able to control their home security and automation anywhere. We found that making ADT Pulse available to our customers was a natural fit to their mobile lifestyle. 
AI: What are some of the other features on offer – for example adjusting lighting and heating? 

Petty: By pairing the ADT Pulse Voice app with AppLink, users can safely speak commands to adjust thermostats and control lighting in various areas of the home such as outdoor and entryway lighting – a convenient feature when pulling into the driveway. 
AI: What are some of the other security features built into the ADT Pulseâ„¢ system for Ford? 
Petty: In addition to being able to arm and disarm your security system, users will also be able to request audible system status updates to ensure their home is protected. The ADT Pulse Voice app also uses state of the art voice authentication and a user-designated passphrase to ensure only the homeowner is able to control the system. 
AI: Who are some of the other automakers interested in your updated security systems?
Petty: Our partnership announcement has generated tremendous response. Stay tuned for additional partnership announcements in the future. 
AI: What other features do you envisage for the ADT Pulse security platform as far as vehicles go? 

Petty: As our ability to anticipate our customers’ daily routine improves, we will continue to simplify home security and automation while the customer is focused on the road. 
AI: How will the recent technological upgrades help ADT retain its leadership position – for example, the partnership with McAfee? 

Petty: ADT is continuing to maintain its leadership position by focusing on innovation and delivering the most unique, comprehensive, and streamlined technologies that meet consumers’ expanding definition of “security.” We have leveraged consumer feedback and industry trends to guide the development and evaluation of new products, while also partnering with leading industry experts and brands, such as McAfee, Ford, and Ideal Life, to evolve our offerings and protect everything that matters most to our customers.  

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