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Go Green Global Technologies and IBM Partner to help Improve Air Quality

Go Green Global Technologies Corp. takes the first significant step towards communicating its vision

IBM recently announced that Go Green Global Technologies Corp. (OTC: GOGR), and IBM Global Business Services have partnered in order to collect and analyze diesel use data. The purpose of this project is not only to collect data but to also increase awareness of our inventor’s achievement, the Sonical(TM) device. IBM will be introducing the device as part of a strategy towards the reduction of global pollution levels.

“When I first made my discovery the price of fuel was significantly lower. My goal was to reduce emissions. Today the effect we have on fuel not only provides a significant emissions reduction but also has the added benefit of increased fuel economy delivering a meaningful cost savings.” said Dr. Mario Pandolfo, co-founder Go Green Global Technologies Corp. 

IBM Poland will be coordinating the activities throughout the world so that data can be compiled and alternatives can be discussed to reduce emissions. IBM will initially contact 100 of the largest diesel users globally. Go Green will then coordinate with IBM to discuss solutions with the participants. IBM’s announcement in Poland can be found at or the English release here

“This is a substantial step for the company,” said Go Green’s CEO John D’Alessandro. “We began the evolution of the company in 2013 and this year has seen many changes in our operational mode. The effort and energy to build the internal process and create a base for sustainable growth is complete. I am confident that the partnering of IBM and our team will accelerate the implementation of our strategy.”

The World Health Organization announced that in 2012, an estimated 7 million people died from air pollution, which is one of every 8 deaths globally. Outdoor air pollution, which many places is dominated by diesel emissions, accounts for 3.7 million premature deaths annually, more than 10,000 deaths per day. See:

About Go Green Technologies Corp.

Go Green Global Technologies Corp. (OTC: GOGR) is a U.S. water and fuel technology licensing, marketing, manufacturing and development company. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Go Green Technologies Corp., it provides solutions worldwide utilizing the proprietary patented Sonical(TM) technology for both non-chemical water treatment and fuel combustion applications. The company is a leader in the emerging Pulsed-Power technology sector and has a portfolio of intellectual property that currently includes three United States patents and NSF/ANSI, UL, and CSA certification. Since inception, the company has focused on developing and marketing innovative technologies that lead to a cleaner and more efficient planet. You are invited to visit for additional information.


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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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