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Breakthrough Innovation: Lubrication Using Functional Proteins

With its latest invention, GELITA AG is paving the way for the production of high-performance, oil-free cooling lubricants, which are completely free from allergens and toxic substances. Instead of conventional oil, functional proteins ensure that metal-processing can be carried out smoothly. A further advantage is that unwanted oily residues are avoided.


Together with a known automotive parts supplier and a local industrial college, GELITA scientists have found and developed an innovative raw material for a new generation of oil-free cooling lubricants: the liquid protein concentrate NOVOTEC® CL 800. Metal-processing fluids based on these functional proteins look like water, perform better than oil and show significantly better cooling than mineral oil-based products. Furthermore, they are much more stable than oil emulsions. This was demonstrated in a comparative test with a reference recipe using devices to measure the pressure stability of the lubricating film (Reichert Wear Test). An additional 15-month field test confirmed routine performance and long-term stability. Numerous cooling lubricant producers are currently testing how the new protein solution works for use in their own products.


Cooling lubricants based on NOVOTEC® CL 800 do not generate unwanted oily residues on work pieces, tools or shavings. Thus, processed parts can be used for further production without the need for intensive cleaning. This increases the efficiency of the whole process and facilitates the recycling of shavings. Moreover NOVOTEC® CL 800 is ecologically degradable and free of allergens and pollutants. The GELITA protein concentrate is suitable for the production of environmentally friendly cooling lubricants for all modern manufacturing processes.


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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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