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Hyundai Motor Company Appoints Mackevision’s 3D High-End Visualization Solutions

Hyundai Motor Company Appoints Mackevision's 3D High-End Visualization Solutions

As of immediate effect, Hyundai Motor Company is choosing innovative High-End solutions provided by Mackevision Medien Design GmbH. These come with an automated media pipeline to create standardized image generation across the globe. The global automotive manufacturer is providing a unique digital image-generation process in conjunction with the Stuttgart CGI specialist, and enables as one of the first automotive manufacturer global efficiencies and synergy. The result is a drastic cut in the time required to generate ads, posters, POS materials or web content. It also ensures a standard image across countries and channels for all Hyundai Motor campaigns. Thereby, the company sets a new benchmark in global communication and interaction with its customers worldwide.


Interaction between brands and target groups is becoming increasingly important. Particularly in an age of digitization, brands and consumers encounter, mutually inspire and learn from one another. Digital channels are therefore progressively enhancing brand communications. Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is an expert in and market leader of computer-generated imagery (CGI). With the rise in customer touchpoints, it develops superior, integrated single-source publishing solutions to give customers the best possible visualization support and to ensure a standard image of integrated corporate and brand communications.


Hyundai Motor will generate 3D photo-realistic images of their vehicles for printed, online or other cross-media advertising using the E-photo process.


E-photo is based on Mackevision’s “F_Box Picture Shooter and was created for Hyundai Motor as a customized solution. To do so, Picture Shooter had to be integrated into company’s existing internal systems landscape. As a result, direct links were produced to the single sign-on authentication process, to the logistics database, to the ERP and to the content management systems. Of course special requirements were also included in E-photo in order to comply fully with the quality specified. Thanks to E-photo Hyundai can now design all vehicle models in any configuration and resolution for sales and marketing campaigns. This ensures standard communications worldwide and the company can fill its various media channels efficiently and without any wastage. “By rolling out E-photo Hyundai Motor Company will enhance our internal processes, aiming to prevent any errors or duplication of the same job in our different branches.” explains Minsoo Kim, Director of Brand Strategy Group at Hyundai Motor Company when talking about the benefits and goals of introducing the software.  


“E-photo is a customized solution for Hyundai Motor,” explains Dieter Morgenroth, Technical Lead Products & Solutions at Mackevision. “We created visualization data based on design information. In other words, we took on full preparation of the product data in order to use the Picture Shooter and put these on the Media Pipeline.” The ‘F_BOX configuration backbone’ application is the foundation of the Media Pipeline. It helps to decide which variants of a vehicle can be delivered at all and what virtual images are required as a result. The models are then sent to the Picture Shooter application. “As this is a solution especially for Hyundai, E-photo is the new name for the application,” comments Morgenroth.


E-photo also allows users with no computer or graphic skills to generate high-quality images for marketing communications. Consequently, automatically configurable, highly realistic images are generated for each vehicle in the Hyundai fleet which users can combine with different backgrounds and a wide range of views from the inside and outside. “E-photo allows us to supply all sales and marketing channels specifically and to cover the entire product range. As a result, we can also comply with rising demands on image production,” explains Morgenroth.


“Through our collaboration with Mackevision, Hyundai Motor will offer our customers the standardized, high-quality brand and purchasing experience that they expect from us anytime and anywhere.” remarks Minsoo Kim. After 12 months of in-depth collaboration, the software and the media pipeline were ready.  All Hyundai vehicles are currently being provided successively as virtual models. The automotive manufacturer is being looked after by a team of 30 at the biggest Mackevision branch in Asia. “We’re delighted that our solution has supported Hyundai Motor to standardize the way it conveys its images within a short space of time,” says Armin Pohl, CEO of Mackevision. “New technologies and channels, such as configurators, digital sales points (PoS systems), or social media platforms are fueling the unstoppable demand for first-class, photo-realistic product photos. Mackevision’s solution will trigger exploration of other aspects concerning the customer journey and touch points,” comments Pohl.


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Mackevision Medien Design GmbH is one of the global market leaders in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI.) It provides data-based 3D visualization, animation and visual effects. The company designs and produces image and film material, as well as interactive applications in high-end quality. It develops technological solutions for generating images and accompanies the entire CGI process from data preparation to creative design to the finished product. The international team looks after major corporations, medium-sized companies and their agencies. Mackevision was founded in 1994. Today, more than 400 people work at the Stuttgart headquarters, as well as at the branches in Munich, Hamburg, London, Florence, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore.