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Spireon Nearly Doubles Annual Telematics Data Processed while Delivering 99.9% Uptime

Spireon NSpire Vehicle Telematics Platform Solves Customer Challenges with Industry Leading Uptime and Performance
Spireon Nearly Doubles Annual Telematics Data Processed while Delivering 99.9% Uptime

Spireon Inc., the leading provider of GPS-based vehicle telematics and Business Intelligence solutions with over 3 million active subscribers, today announced its Spireon NSpire cloud-based vehicle telematics platform has delivered unprecedented reliability for customers throughout peak demand, including a 96 percent increase in data events processed year over year.

As the industry’s largest aftermarket vehicle telematics company, Spireon delivers GPS-based vehicle telematics through the GoldStar GPS,FleetLocate, Kahu, SkyLink and PositionPlus product lines. The Company’s customers rely on these products, powered by the Spireon NSpire platform, to deliver and maintain a reliable connection to their most valuable assets, from local fleet vehicles, new and used cars, enterprise fleets, trailers and more.

Spireon has invested significant resources to build the NSpire cloud-based platform from the ground up. Its infrastructure incorporates the latest databases, web servers, and hardware, all connected and secured by strategically located, top-tier data centers. This enables NSpire to deliver the highest level of service availability for the over 3 million current subscribers, as well as millions more down the road.

Driven by a steep increase in customer activities as well as new customers, the Company reached a rate of over 370 million data events processed through its data centers in the past month alone. Each data event represents an important business function such as a vehicle locate, that is delivered with the reliability that is critical to customers’ operations.

“As the leading vehicle telematics provider, our entire business relies directly on the strength of our cloud-based platform – its reliability, scalability, security and network performance,” said Sam Balooch, Chief Information Officer at Spireon. “In essence, our customers are buying the availability of our NSpire platform, so our number one objective is to ensure optimized access at all times. Our performance guarantee of availability and performance, which is truly unique in the industry, fully backs our commitment to reliability and uptime.”

With Spireon NSpire, customers get best-in-class enterprise-ready reliability, as well as an unequaled breadth of security and data delivery features that enable a clear and rapid time to a return on investment.

Even under peak demand, Spireon customers receive the critical information they need to locate their vehicles, operate their fleets and run any necessary task with absolute efficiency.

Download Spireon’s free white paper to learn how to find a telematics solution provider that ensures maximum uptime and reliability:

About Spireon

Spireon, Inc. is the industry’s leading open connected vehicle company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful Big Data insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable assets. The award-winning Spireon NSpire open platform delivers rich information from any GPS connected vehicle or asset, converting that information into actionable insight. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Spireon’s open connected vehicle platform now supports more than 3 million active subscribers across the company’s growing suite of product offerings for new and used car dealers, lenders and financial institutions, rental car agencies, insurers, consumers, and fleet, trailer and asset management companies.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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