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The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 pushes sales towards the target 12 days with the reservation of 42,499 units
“The 39th  Bangkok International Motor Show” achieved 1.62 million visitors. As for the numbers of the car and motorcycles swept up to  the top 42,499 vehicles which allows the automotive event to grow in market of 2018 with the growth of 9.2 thousand units.
Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, Vice Chairman of BIMS and COO of Grand Prix PLC, mentioned that “The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show is a once again successful event. A number of car manufacturers, motorcycles and the entrepreneurs of the automotive business attended in this event which all of these values bring new products and technologies to exhibit densely. The number of visitors from the collection of statistics is at 1.62 million.”
Mr. Jaturont added, “The number of the car and motorcycle reservation announced which there were 42,499 vehicles, divided as 36,587 cars and 5,912 motorcycles. As for the collected numbers of car reserved in the show, Toyota has the highest bookings at 5,689 units. The second place goes to Honda which is at 5,133 units and another 5,021 units of Mazda, while the luxury car market is still another interesting segment that gets the attention of visitors. As for motorcycle, Honda Motor Co. had the highest sales of 2,628 units, second was Yamaha of 737 units and third was Kawasaki with the number of 554 units.
From the reservation record, found that the result of the first cars and agricultural sector is likely to adjust in a good way. The market situation is back to normal. As a result, the group of small and medium cars and commercial vehicles remain popular with consumers. Despite the current news about the safety of using the car for commercial purposes, cars in this group are still attracting much attention from visitors. The proportion of reservations is 20-30 percent of this this year’s reservation record.
The cars in the group of medium-sized cars and Western cars are popular with visitors as well. Since this car has been launched new products from many companies, especially the SUV that has a growing market demand.
Electric cars that brought to this event have also received a lot of attention from visitors. This makes an alternative car choice for consumer to choose. If we look at the support from the government related to the electric cars, it should make the electric car market to likely improve in the future.
However, it is a pleasure that the Bangkok International Motor Show is one of the nation’s most important automotive exhibitions which helps stimulating market growth during economic low season. The sales number is still ongoing even after the event since the list of visitors that have been consulted are gathered to continue for the future sell as well.
Mr. Jaturont added, “Throughout the past, Bangkok International Motor Show continues gaining trust from car, motorcycle, and automotive entrepreneurs to attend the exhibition of automotive technologies and new innovations. These companies are willing to spend huge investment for booth design and showcases.”
As an organizer of this event, we would like to thank you for all great supports from every company attending “The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show”. This year’s event has been very successful, and it proves that The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show is Thailand’s number one car show as well as Asian. This is the world’s largest exhibition.

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