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Local government support for auto sector

Local government support for auto sector

Local government has also played an important role in Brazil’s automotive innovations.

An example is the Laboratory for Mobility Innovation or Mobilab which was created by the São Paulo city government
to introduce innovation to improve urban mobility. The idea is to foster transparency and the utilization of raw data produced
by the government on public transit and traffic.

It has developed new, cost effective ways of sourcing information technology from start-ups, changing government’s relationship with technology, introducing into the public sector the creativity, customization and agility typical of start-up companies.

The government says that MobiLab has brought start-ups to the government through two key initiatives: by developing a new bid form, a project competition with cash prizes for individuals and small companies to carry out innovative projects to improve the management of mobility policy in open code and free software; and by initiating a start-up residence program to foster solutions for citizens, which are created, developed and implemented by the start-ups without public funding.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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