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Major German Car Manufacturer Selects Sfara as Foundation for Smartphone-based Crash Detection AI

Daimler AG and Sfara announced a multi-year engagement in which Sfara is providing its technology for Smartphone-based Crash Detection AI to Daimler for an as yet undisclosed program currently under development.


More than a year ago, Daimler began a rigorous evaluation and testing program of mobile solution providers in the market, seeking a technology that stands up to Daimler’s exacting standards. After several months of studying the players and testing their solutions, Daimler ultimately selected Sfara from a reduced field of four players.


After the initial research, Daimler and Sfara began field testing with some of Mercedes most active and trusted customers. This beta test was conducted by over a thousand vehicle owners, driving more than ten million miles over the course of nearly half a year.


With successful results from the field test, the companies decided to push the technology even harder by testing Sfara’s solution at Daimler’s state-of-the-art crash facilities in Stuttgart, Germany. “We conducted all imaginable live collision tests in the front, rear, and offset positions, plus against immovable objects. The technology performed even better than we could have hoped for,” said Sascha Simon, Sfara’s Founder and Chief Science Officer.


“We are excited that Daimler has selected Sfara to extend their world-renowned leadership in the connected car space to a new frontier and extend their competitive advantage beyond embedded technology,” said Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara. “The ability to partner with one of the world’s best companies as they revolutionize something as far-reaching as what it means to be protected by Mercedes-Benz, is truly a watershed moment in the growth of our company.”


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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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