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Veoneer and Techno Creatives Win Red Dot Award

The automotive technology company Veoneer, Inc. (NYSE: VNE and SSE: VNE SDB), and the product & design agency The Techno Creatives have been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award in the category Brands & Communication Design 2020 for the project “Collaborative Driving Data Visualizer”, presented at the tech show CES 2020.


Two-way communication between the driver and the vehicle is crucial for tomorrow’s mobility. At CES 2020 earlier this year, Veoneer showcased Collaborative Driving; the car is handling parts of the driving, with the driver still engaged. The aim was to educate the general public about tomorrow’s mobility demonstrating different ways that data insights can contribute to a safer and more convenient driver experience.


Collaborative Driving Data Visualizer project


The Red Dot winner project included two types of demonstrations: pre- and post-drive experience, where data insights were generated to ensure a safer and better driver experience, and in-car demo apps for visitors to experience futuristic car features on the road.


In-cabin sensors developed personal driver profiles allowed Veoneer’s researchers to understand driver behavior better. Collaborative driving determines when drivers need safety assist technologies to take over, and when drivers want or need to take control. It also leverages communications between vehicles for a safer driving experience: vehicles can share thermal imaging to better perceive its surroundings in challenging contexts and surroundings.


“We are honored to receive the red dot award together with The Techno Creatives for the way we visualized how data from real-life traffic situations can improve driver convenience and reduce traffic fatalities,” says Ola Boström, VP Research & Patents, Veoneer.


“We’re very happy to share this win with Veoneer, our key partner in the collaborative driving space. The Techno Creatives has the design on its pillars, so the Red Dot jury’s recognition has an outstanding meaning to us, as this prize is the one when talking about design in the world. It’s an incredible honor to receive this award”, says Joel Rozada, The Techno Creatives founder.


Presentation of the winners

Almost 7,000 projects and brands from 50 countries participated in this year’s prestigious design contest.  Award-winning brands and projects will be presented on the Red Dot website from October 2020 and in the International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design in November 2020.


Veoneer, Inc. is a worldwide leader in automotive technology. Our purpose is to create trust in mobility. We design, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art software, hardware and systems for occupant protection, advanced driving assistance systems, and collaborative and automated driving to OEMs globally. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Veoneer has 7,600 employees in 13 countries. In 2019, sales amounted to $1.9 billion. The Company is building on a heritage of close to 70 years of automotive safety development. In 2018, Veoneer became an independent, publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: VNE) and on the Nasdaq Stockholm (SSE: VNE SDB).


The Techno Creatives tailor iconic experiences, services, and products – partnering with companies across the globe. With offices in Gothenburg and Shenzen, The Techno Creatives leverage design, strategy, and tech capabilities to explore, develop, and accelerate new impactful solutions.


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