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Cincoze Embedded System Helps New Development of Smart Vehicle

In recent years, developments in data science and artificial intelligence have greatly improved innovation at every level of intelligent transportation, especially for in-vehicle applications. Amongst these are smart buses, public safety vehicles (police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, etc.), and fleet management, that are increasing in popularity every day.

Embedded systems vendors have to adapt quickly. Smart bus transport now has public information systems, driver monitoring, and in-vehicle safety monitoring. Public safety vehicles incorporate emergency response, real-time medical record access for ambulance personnel, and priority arrangement of driving routes. There is now centralized fleet management for fleet managers, real-time vehicle communication, and live vehicle route tracking. And applications continue to expand.

Cincoze, as a premier embedded systems manufacturer, has developed the industry-leading Diamond Series line of embedded systems for these exact applications. The Diamond Series is customizable and quick to configure, meeting the strict requirements of the smart vehicle industry, pursuing stability and quality under urgent time constraints.

Powerful and compact package

In-vehicle systems operate in cramped, hot, and humid spaces, which stresses the onboard electronics. Fans are prone to breaking, so a fully fanless design provides cooling, with an independent set of copper ducts and extruded aluminum shell for heat dissipation. The system can handle a wide temperature range (-40 – 70℃) and shock (5/50 Grms). The Diamond Series comes in various sizes, with a wealth of native I/O to meet most application needs.

International certification and innovative design

There are two essential certifications for vehicles. First, the EN 50155 certification defines the operation, design, construction, testing, and temperature specifications for electronic equipment on rolling stock in railway applications. Second, the E-mark certification required in Europe for cars, motorcycles, and parts ensures driving safety and environmental protection.

Many Diamond Series embedded systems have both E-mark and EN 50155 (EN 50121-3-2 only) certification, making them an excellent choice for vehicle, railway, and fleet management applications. To avoid system damage caused by unstable current or short circuit during vehicle ignition, Cincoze utilizes a unique IGN module (power ignition sensor) that monitors vehicle voltage to initiate a delayed shutdown timer. Low power consumption, which reduces stress on vehicle power systems and minimizes battery drain when powered off, is another essential feature of the Diamond Series.

Internet-connected smart vehicles

Fleet management services like cloud-based GPS location tracking, real-time navigation, and real-time driving control can easily be added to embedded systems in the Diamond Series by installing a commercially available MiniPCIe wireless communication module with WiFi, 3G, LTE, and GPS, in the internal expansion slot. Some models also support dual SIM cards and multiple antennas. The Diamond Series’s modular design enables increasingly popular driver monitoring systems that provide fatigue warning and in-vehicle safety monitoring to be installed using the built-in COM, DIO, LAN, PoE, and M12 connectors. High-speed SSD and mSATA storage options round out the package.

Cincoze Diamond Series in-vehicle embedded systems provide a complete range of options. From extreme performance to energy-saving, from compact design to flexible expansion, the Diamond Series delivers the full package. Finally, they leverage Cincoze’s long-standing professional design experience and expertise to fuel the smart vehicle market’s rapid growth.

About Cincoze

Cincoze is a professional manufacturer of embedded systems. We design, manufacture, and market rugged fanless computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial monitors, and rugged GPU computers for the demanding industrial applications. With the most innovative technology and a customer-oriented focus, Cincoze provides product solutions that are seamlessly integrated in customers’ applications, from factory automation, machine automation, machine vision, robotics, in-vehicle computing, autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation, to security & surveillance.

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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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