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Weave Workforce and Fixed Ops Pros Announce Strategic Partnership

Weave Workforce and Fixed Ops Pros have signed a partnership agreement to bring workforce optimization software to automotive dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. The Weave Workforce solution helps dealerships increase profit and productivity by applying AI-based workload forecasting and automated technician scheduling. Through its proprietary platform, Weave Workforce is able to accurately predict and match staffing to the peaks and valleys of demand inherent to any service business.


Fixed Ops Pros brings its single point marketing platform and extensive relationships with automotive dealers to the partnership, allowing for fast deployment of the innovative Weave Workforce software solution. Its network of agent-dealer relationships and a stand-alone online presence uniquely qualifies Fixed Ops Pros to reach a wide audience throughout the industry.


“We have seen incredible results with our product in the automotive industry,” says Weave Workforce CEO John Larsen. “I am thrilled to partner with Fixed Ops Pros to widen our reach.” Joseph Perez, CEO of Fixed Ops Pros adds, “The Weave Workforce product is an incredible asset for this industry. We are excited to be joining forces and adding this powerful tool to our productivity software portfolio.”


Implementing Weave Workforce can fundamentally improve the throughput and revenue of dealership service departments, delivering a tangible business impact and optimizing time for customers, technicians, and dealership management. Taking into consideration each dealership’s unique business parameters, Weave Workforce software maximizes proficiency by increasing productivity and efficiency on the shop floor.


About Weave Workforce

Weave Workforce is a technology company applying artificial intelligence to harmonize employee schedules to the fluctuating demand of service businesses. Weave Workforce achieves this with an intelligent forecasting, staffing, and scheduling engine that combines a company’s internal data with external signals and human intuition to provide simultaneous improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.


About Fixed Ops Pros

Fixed Ops Pros, based in Santa Rosa, CA, is a single point marketer and national reseller of innovative products and services to automotive related businesses. With many decades of diversified industry experience, Fixed Ops Pros knows what it takes to deliver bottom line results, with programs targeted at automotive sales and service operations, finance and insurance products, service bay chemicals and consumables, and enterprise productivity software. Combining in-person agent relationships with an online marketplace, Fixed Ops Pros is making it simpler and more cost-effective for dealers to access a broad portfolio of solutions needed to compete in an increasingly complex business environment.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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