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PININFARINA signs the design of the new range of GAUSSIN road trucks

GAUSSIN (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALGAU – FR0013495298) announces that its new range
of trucks for road application will be designed by iconic Italian design

Driver comfort and safety

The world of transportation is changing under the need of moving goods in a
clean and intelligent way, and the increase of the E-commerce impact on our
society. GAUSSIN launches its new range of trucks and brings an answer today
to what will be the future of transportation. GAUSSIN trucks have been
developed around two major components:

–       The revolutionary intelligent modular skateboard powered by Hydrogen
or Batteries systems presented last April (Press release 27 April, 2021).

–       And a completely new cab concept designed by PININFARINA for driver
comfort and safety. The cab has also been designed to blend in with the
environment in a quiet and intelligent way.

This new design covers all the range of GAUSSIN range of trucks developed
thanks to the electric, hydrogen, autonomous ready Gaussin modular
•       Class 8 tractors 44 T (4×2, 6×4) with up to 1200 km combining
Electric and Hydrogen energy
•       Rigid trucks for clean and quiet distribution in the city areas
•       Rigid trucks for construction: cement trucks, tippers, etc…
•       Rigid trucks for waste management,  • and also the Gaussin H2 Racing

Pininfarina, leveraging on its solid experience in sustainable mobility, has
created a distinctive design identity for the new range of Gaussin trucks
able to enhance the main values of the products: performance and
sustainability. The result of the collaboration is a design language that
will give life to a full family of innovative trucks, setting a new standard
into the market.

« The cab has to be aligned with the new mobility needs. It must be the link
between the driver and his mission, between the truck and its environment.
It has to be clean, safe, friendly but also intelligent to perform at a high
level of efficiency… and it has to have a signature that lasts over time.
Pininfarina has not only designed a modern and great looking cab but has
created a transgenerational story. At Gaussin, we are of course working for
the performance of our customers but also for the planet and the next
generations. This is exactly why we have chosen to collaborate with
Pininfarina », says Christophe GAUSSIN, CEO of GAUSSIN.

« We are happy and proud of this collaboration with GAUSSIN, a recognized
player in clean and innovative mobility. Pininfarina Group is deeply
involved to designing customer journeys and unique user experiences merging
physical and digital worlds through aesthetics and technology. We are
convinced that the combination of our know-how will lead to the success of
the new range of trucks developed by GAUSSIN », says Kevin Rice, Chief
Creative Officer of PININFARINA.


Gaussin is an engineering company that designs, assembles and sells
innovative products and services in the transport and logistics field. Its
know-how encompasses cargo and passenger transport, autonomous technologies
allowing for self-driving solutions such as Automotive Guided Vehicles, and
the integration all types of batteries, electric and hydrogen fuel cells in
particular. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, Gaussin enjoys a
strong reputation in four fast-expanding markets: port terminals, airports,
logistics and people mobility. The group has developed strategic
partnerships with major global players in order to accelerate its commercial
penetration: Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics in the airport
field, Bolloré Ports and ST Engineering in ports and Bluebus for people
mobility. GAUSSIN has broadened its business model with the signing of
license agreements accelerating the diffusion of its technology throughout
the world.
In October 2019, the Group won the World Autonomous Vehicle Transport
Competition “Category leader” – “Better energy and environmental
Gaussin has been listed on Euronext Growth in Paris since 2010. More
information on

About Pininfarina
A leading player in the luxury industry, the Pininfarina Group has been
moving dreams since 1930. Icon of the Italian design in the world, it has
contributed to write the history of the global automotive industry.

Through a long process of growth and transformation, ideas and creativity,
Pininfarina has evolved from an artisan concern to an international service
Group. Listed on the Stock Exchange and part of the Mahindra galaxy since
2016, the Pininfarina Group continues to be the benchmark of the auto and
industrial design, deeply involved to designing customer journeys and unique
user experiences merging physical and digital worlds through aesthetics and

Global icon of Italian style, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled
ability to create timeless beauty through its values of elegance, purity,
and innovation. Founded in 1930, Pininfarina has evolved from an artisan
concern to an international service Group, supreme expression of automotive
styling and an established reality in industrial and experience design,
architecture, nautical and mobility beyond automotive. A group employing 600
people, offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States and listed on
the Stock Exchange since 1986. Over the course of nine decades Pininfarina
has designed more than 1,200 vehicles and more than 600 projects in
different areas, receiving numerous international awards.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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